The Most Childish of Arguments

The down right childish arguements that illegal downloaders still use today, to justify the copying of PC games!

What annoys me the most about Pro-Pirate arguments, and please, I was born in Hong Kong, so I have heard them all! Is that in essence they are very childish! I know the scene very well, and the only justification I have heard, that has any credit; is the following:

A customer buys the product, but is so fed up with the DRM, that they illegally download to enjoy the experience.

This isn’t the fault of the publisher wanting a DRM, because in this chicken/egg question, piracy certainly came first! Now you can easily sit there and say that a publisher shouldn’t have DRMs that imposes restrictions on Gamers. But you cannot as easily justify this; if it was your product or if you where the Publisher.

Still, the above argument has a valid point, WarFace accepts this, and strives to make the illegal markets a better place. The other excuses, the ones I would call childish, when you really study what is being said. Are so silly that my mother would clip my ear if I dare say that to her, and this is a 4 foot 5, Chinese woman, talking to her 6 foot son! I don’t have the courage and I wouldn’t dare!

Pirates are poor, and wouldn’t buy the game anyway!
Wow! Really, has anyone ever done a survey to find this out, or are we just name calling here?
Please don’t start calling out third world countries, and ones just recently coming out of the second world, because they have a valid case. Why does it feel almost like a justification for the illegal downloaders of rich countries to do this and get away with it?

Because I am guessing that the majority of illegal downloaders are going to need some kind of high bandwidth internet connection, and a half decent computer to play these games. If they have money for those two items..Then it not fair to assume that they can pay for a game?

I am trying before I buy!
Apart from the fact that demo games are released before games come out, and are generally freely available. To justify this as a sensible argument has to be one of the cheekiest excuses I have ever heard. I don’t know of any real world product that allows you the same liberties. Say if you went into GameStop, and took the game off the shelf, stating clearly that you are trying before you buy! I wonder how far you would get before 3 big security guards tried to play Aussie rules with you?

I wouldn’t have bought the game in the first place! (The old – One illegal download does not equal one illegal sale!)
This almost seems to suggest that the pirate is doing the Game Publisher a favour! And on that note, I ask how?
Is the pirate filling in some kind of questionnaire, perhaps some feedback for the publisher? Is he going to do some review, improving the product in the long run? It there any kind of added value going into it? Is there any kind of contribution?

Let us be honest with one another…
Piracy is a huge problem killing the PC industry. If you don’t think so then I suggest you take a look, things are changing! Games aren’t being released on the PC any more, or being delayed.
When was Tom Clancy’s HAWX 2 released for the PC?
If you said September 3 (2010), No! I recently had to go to GameStop, and ask when, the guy said he didn’t know exactly but it was in October. (In Europe, he said that it would probably be the 15th!) I bet that on the first, I’ll find a torrent that allows me to play it 15 days before someone buys it here!

(UPDATE: 19/10/2010, Hawx2 is still not out for PC?!? GameStop now thinks it will be December sometime!)

To the illegal downloaders I say this is a sad thing…
Perhaps from your point of view it might not be … but in the long run. But when you are my age, you might turn back and wish things had turned out a little different!  


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