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The Most Anticipated Games Of 2010: Wii

Since Gamasutra didn't, I will.

In all the preparation for gaming in 2010, Gamasutra ran a series of articles highlighting some of the most anticipated games of the new year. Unfortunately, they forgot one key player, The Wii. Not sure how, but they had an article for the PS3/360, DS/PSP and PC/MMO but not the Wii.

So here I am filling the gap. In no particular order:

No More Heroes 2 (Ubisoft) Jan 26, 2010 As a sequel to one of the best selling M rated games for the system this one is sure to appeal to fans of the original.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (Capcom) Jan 26, 2010 Developed exclusively for the Wii this is yet another entry in Capcom's popular Vs. series of games. This entry all brings in an all new set of characters from the Tatsunoko IP.

Monster Hunter Tri (Capcom) April 6, 2010 Capcom is bring their Monster Hunter series to the Wii bringing with it Online 4 player Co-op as well as 2 player local Co-op.

Metroid: Other M (Nintendo/Team Ninja) TBA 2010 The Team behind the Ninja Gaiden series and Dead or Alive are taking their talents to Nintendo's Metroid Series.

Epic Mickey (Disney) TBA 2010 - As a sucker for all things Classic Disney, this game has me excited for the premise. This game takes place in a world inhabited by all the lost and discarded characters of Disney's past. If this game is as fun as the Kingdom Hearts series, It is sure to be a hit.

Megaman 10 (Capcom) March 2010 Capcom is continuing the Retro take on the Megaman franchise with the 10th entry in their original NES series.

Sin and Punishment 2 (Nintendo/Treasure) Q1 2010 Finally the hit shooter for the N64 is getting a sequel. This game has been a long time coming and fans of the original have been excited since its announcement.

Other Notable Wii Releases Of 2010

Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 (Lucas Arts TBA 2010), Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (Capcom March 2010), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo TBA 2010), Red Steel 2 (Ubisoft March 23, 2010), Legend of Zelda Wii 2 (Nintendo TBA 2010), Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon (Xseed Games March 16, 2010), Calling (Hudson Spring 2010)


What games are you excited about?

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