The flash game sponsorship game

So we got a sponsorship, it was a bit of a reality check, however it could be a blessing in disguise. Also the lack of response from many (even reputable portals) was surprising.

So my last post was early may... i hoped to hear back from many portals within a week.  A month later it seems that a majority of them don't bother to even respond.  Now if we had made a shabby/unoriginal/hack game that had little/no redeeming quality I could understand some people not bothering too respond.. but our game, while clearly a casual game, i felt at least diserved a response. 

To be fair, i'm sure they get tons of requests for people to give them money for their games and in that respect i understand, however it's still unprofessional to provide a channel for game submission only to have it go unresponded too.  We're now well over a month since emailing some of these sites.  Even after sending polite and well spaced out (weeks passed) follow up emails.

Addicting games offered a fair non-exclusive license which we accepted.  We're excited to work with them.  They have a new AS3 API that's pretty nice.  offers a pause, reset and volume controler that we were able to integrate pretty effectively.  We're just waiting to see that it's posted and working properly. 

To those of you out there who might be making a game for the first time and going into this expecting quick responses and large sums of money, it doesn't seem to work that way.  Plan on not seeing money for a couple months.   

I can see why productoin values found in most flash games are pretty low because those extra days / weeks of time polishing a project can really be fluff that has little impact on how much you get.  We personally strive for quality productions, but i can see for others that might be more profit / software factory oriented would nix some functions. 

I've got a nice list of portals i've sent information too.  There must have been well over 30 that i contacted and i'd say i got feedback from 5-6...  a couple of those declined, a couple of offers were unacceptably low, but both which i have no problem with.  I just find totally failing to respond very unprofessional. 

For now i'm not going to name names, but i have a nice list here that i have used to document my successes and failures in regard.  I think though that portals that claim to take submissions and then fail to respond in any fashion should be shared with developers to know who's serious and who's either too busy or too indifferent to developer efforts and wasting our time. 

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