The Advantages of Being an IndieDev Introvert

A closer look on the strengths of being an IndieDev Introvert.

Being an IndieDev Introvert

When I was  in my early 20s I decided to read the book, The Introvert Advantage.  It helped shed light on my natural tendencies of being shy, enjoying being alone, and at times avoiding social situations. IndieDev_Introvert

Introversion History

The history of introversion hasn't been very kind to introverts.

In one section of the book, the author showed several Psychology books defining what it meant to be an introvert and compared it to extroverts. For example:

In Webster's New World Thesaurus, other attributes is givens of an introvert are: "...a brooder, self-observer, egoist, narcissist, solitary, lone wolf and loner.

Contrast that same book that defines extroversion as: "... other-directed person, gregarious, life of the party, show-off."

When comparing other Psychology books, introversion was always painted darker than extroversion.

Qualities of Introverts

So how do you know if you're an introvert? Introverts are more likely to:

  • Keep energy inside, making it difficult for others to get to know them
  • Be absorbed in thought
  • Hesitate before speaking
  • Avoid crowds and seek quietness
  • Not offer ideas freely; may need to be asked their opinion
  • Get agitated without enough time alone or time undisturbed
  • Reflect and act in a careful way

Do you fall in the same category as me?  Join the crew!  Here's a few other real and fictitious characters that are Introverts:

  • Abraham Lincoln - Sixteenth President of the Unity States
  • Michael Jordan - Basketball player and celebrity
  • Thomas Edison - Inventor
  • Harrison Ford - Actor
  • Bill Gates - Software Pioneer
  • Jean-Luc Picard - (Fiction) from Star Trek, the Next Generation
  • Atticus Finch - (Fiction) from To Kill a Mockingbird

Powers of Introverts

So what do Introverts bring to the table?

  • Appreciate a simpler life
  • Make intimate attachments
  • Plan and reflect on new ways of doing things
  • Encourage others to be prudent, develop self-reflection and think before acting
  • Have capacity to put themselves in other's shoes
  • Great ability to concentrate and question

Powers of Extroverts

I personally married a very, very outgoing woman, and having this knowledge at my disposal helped to not only understand my own energy levels, but also to explain them to my wife.

Extroverts bring a lot of joy and energy to social situations.  When that inkling of annoyance comes up at their seemingly non-stop desire for social interaction, remember how you're wired, and work out a solution to make sure you feel energized and also spend time with your friend/spouse.

Guidance and Direction

The book helped me a lot early in college and helped me to create strategies for dealing with extroverted situations.  From relationships in dating, to relationships at work, to parenting, to managing energy levels, the author gives great timeless tips.

If you're interested for further reading, you can get it here, or request it from your local library for free!

Playing to Your Strengths

While social situations are easy to shy away from as an Indie Dev, it's important to get out there and socialize (I know I need to more).

Participate in a Game Jam (here's a good schedule), and go to meetups as often as you can (I'm looking to start going to some soon in NYC, even though I'm 2 hours away).

Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?


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