That will be $69.95 for the collector's edition...

That will be $69.95 for the collector's edition, complete with a metal box. For $179.95, you will also get a life-like Gold 45 Revolver replica, based on the single-action Colt .45--the Peacemaker Smokewagon--the Judge Colt and His Jury of Six.
@Michael Rivera & @Christopher Wragg

You guys are missing the far bigger picture here. This is an exciting moment in video game design! Think big!

I was hoping to talk about my work and the Gold 45 Revolver/Ideas Have Consequences/Moral Premise technologies in video games @ my blog. In the future, please move the discussion over here:

I will try to keep this brief, and I am posting this at my own blog, so please, please respond to it there: Thanks!

You will note that finally somebody penned an article entitled Infusing Games With a Moral Premise in 2009. Well, in 2005/2006/2007/2008, I filed patent applications that mentioned Moral Premise over 140 times in the context of exalting video games and franchises with a unifying soul, exalted narrative, deeper character, and epic story.

"Moral Premise" is mentioned over 125 TIMES in my 2005/2006 patent application "Morality system and method for video game: system and method for creating story, deeper meaning "and emotions, enhanced characters and AI, and dramatic art in video games.

"Moral Premise" is mentioned over 15 TIMES in my 2007/2008 "Gold 45 Revolver" patent application: "System and method for creating exalted video games and virtual realities wherein ideas have consequences"

Just because you do not like reading "large walls of text" and have neither read nor comprehended the patents (nor Aristotle's Poetics, nor Homer's Iliad nor Odyssey, nor Dante's Inferno, nor Socrates' Apology, nor Campbell's Hero With a Thousand Faces) does not mean that they do not contain great, revolutionary ideas which will exalt a sea change and seismic shift in the gaming industry, leading to billions of $$$$$ in new-found revenue for the agile, nimble companies and early-adopters seeking to serve the world with epic, exalted art; and not just yesteryear's hooker-killing tech. In fact, because typical fanboy gamers despise reading the Epic Classics, that became my great advantage, as it is in the classical words and story that the classical, epic moral premise and soul are exalted--not in the hot coffee. Thus, just like in A Fistful of Dollars, I used the MBA/fanboy arrogance against them in this showdown (while they were busy organizing fake protests), by penning eloquent, exalted patents, filled with "walls of text" containg the supreme eloquence Homer/Socrates/Jefferson and Mises, which I knew the corporate MBA brass would a) never read/ignore and b) send its best fanboys forth to try and destroy, before trying to shamelessly take credit for the innovative game design techniques in articles such the one above; and shortly, in novel, billion-dollar games. The corporate MBA machine's major goal is to a) do none of the heroic innovation and b) reap all the creative hero's innovations; countering the spirit of our very Constitution. And that is why I made the Gold 45 Revolver, so the lone rider would have a chance against the corporate-state Matrix and their walls of lockstepping, hooker-killing, spore-growing, money-losing fanboys--so that the lone rider could play a game in which they defended the US Constitution and classic, epic ideals such as love, romance, and honor;and so that the major gaming companies could serve their stock holders with greater profits, rather than losing billions in market cap, shedding jobs and market cap faster than Jeff Gordon and Dale Earndhart Jr. competing for pole position. And now, *everyone* wants a Gold 45. *Everyone* wants to shoot Zeus's lightning in the third act. And there are vast opportunities for major corporations to a) exalt classic, epic art, and b) reap billions in profits. Of course the postmodern MBA prefers to kill classic innovation, morality, and companies, cashing out during epic debauchery of the culture and ucrrency; as we just witnessed the death of Merrill, Lehman, the family, marriage, AIG, and Bear Sterns, and I know it is company/MBA-fnaboy policy that my work is to be ignored, belittled, and mocked; and then pilfered and adopted and profited off of. But, it ain't gonna go down like that, as there's a new sheriff in town. (more here)

& you can tell 'em all, that I'm a cowboy:

I've been around. I have read what you have not read, seen what you close your eyes to, and heard what you are deaf to, and I know how it works: "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." --Arthur Schopenhauer

You--and the MBA/fanboy groupthink regime--do not have to like me. But that doesn't mean that others can take credit for my work. For the moral premise of all science and technological innovation works as follows:

"In the sciences, the authority of thousands of opinions is not worth as much as one tiny spark of reason in an individual man." — Galileo Galilei

"The Novel "Gold 45 Revolver/Ideas Have Consequences/ Moral Premise" Game Technologies Will Be Worth Billions of Dollars" to the agile, entrepreneurial companies who first adopt them. These simple innovations and technologies, which can easily be layered atop existing game engines, will have far-ranging ramifications across the industry, exalting games with profundity, soul, meaning, and epic storytelling. --
Moral_Premisequot_Game_Technologies_Will_Be_Worth_Billions_of_Dollars.php (more here)

If some videogame company does not see the vast value of these eloquent, exalted ideas, without mashing buttons, then so be it. The idea of putting on dog-and-pony shows for MBA fanboys who detest reading as much as the classic moral premise and epic art just ain't appealing to me. That is why I pen eloquent, exalted patents--I can be as patient as I want, while the corporate MBA fanboys try to force yesterday's soulless, hooker-killing technologies on a rising generation who all want to hold the Gold 45 Revolver in the third act which will rock Zeus's lightning in proportion to their honor being intact; as their companies shed jobs and epic market-cap. The rising generation is longing to play games which exalt the moral premise--games which infuse morality into the center and circumference of the game world, just as it is in our own world--in the *real* world where classic, epic ideas have classic, epic consequences--and my patents disclose systems and methods for doing so. The rising generation is longing to rebel against the stultifying corporate state, and seeing this, I set it down in immutable, eloquent patents, which have become the most talked-about, novel video-game research over the past two months. "This is the greatest videogame patent I've ever read."

Did J.R.R. Tolkien have to build a working demo of Lord of The Rings on the Torque Game Engine before they made the highly-successful game?

You guys just aren't thinking big enough. We were graced with divine reason and imagination, so why not use it? Think like a developer/marketer for a major billion-dollar company here; and come up with some scenes exalted by the new “Gold 45 Revolver” technology!

Think big, like in the ending wherein the Fiatocracy's Vampires/Communists/Feminized MBA Fanboys swarm our lone rider in the mountain town, screaming/shrieking the words of Lenin/Marx/Feminism/Fiatism in Banshee voices, trying to claim his ideas and his soul.

Alone our lone rider stands in the thundering downpour, as the lightning reveals the grotesque swarm--the horror of their collective countenance is only trumped by the screeching words. Alone he stands, with his 45; and if he has done the right thing throughout, legend has it that the 45 will glow gold and shoot Zeus's lighting, slaying the hundreds, if not thousands of rough Vampire/Communist/Zombie beasts who slouch his way, screaming, distorting the words/slogans of the declining fiatocracy in a most demonic manner.

See? There are billions of dollars $$$$ in the novel, emotional, exalting gameplay alone. I know you can feel it deep in your bones. You *want* to hold that Gold 45 Revolver. Or you want to obliterate it and that lone rider, and destroy/take his ideas and his soul. But either way, you know you *have* to play the game. That will be $69.95 for the collector's edition, complete with a metal box. For $179.95, you will also get a life-like Gold 45 Revolver replica, based on the single-action Colt .45--the Peacemaker Smokewagon--the Judge Colt and His Jury of Six.

Who wouldn't want to play that, just to see if their Gold 45 Revolver fires Zeus's lightning in the end, or just a little puff of smoke, like a fanboy who took out his hate for the feminist movement (which debauched his father's classical, epic soul and exiled him in the divorce regime) by killing too many unarmed women and innocent hookers?

More here:

Please do migrate this conversation over to my blog. Thanks in advance!


Dr. E :)

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