Starting From Ground Up.

Starting a gaming company is not for the faint of heart.

A Budding Company.


As an individual who is used to high demands, profit-cost-inventory control, employee relations, customer satisfaction, other various managerial tasks along with local and state news. I must admit, that the gaming industry is no beast to toy with when it comes to starting a game production company, especially for the faint of heart.


Gamerz Den was formed back in 1995 as a private server hosting company that I made as a subsidiary of Gallowglass Technologies. It was something I did as a passionate hobby. It wasn't until last few years that the members decided to pitch together and create a new game, and we form this into a licensed LLC.


I figured what the hell, I was already used to the hectic lifestyle of an Executive Chef with a brigade of 30 people under me. Might as well make a mid life change into something I truly love. Game development.


Man I was shocked. It really isn't anything like starting a Restaurant up. There is a lot more intricacies involved with game development.


  • Business Contracts.

  • NDA's

  • Trademarking and Logo registrations

  • FID Numbers

  • Concept development

  • Story boards,

  • Funding

  • Software Licensing

  • Team Building

  • Media and Advertising

  • Graphics

  • Modeling

  • Coding

  • Rigging and Animation

  • Researching Patenting

  • Writing up Business Plan with forecasts

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I will be the first to admit, I might be over my head. But you know what keeps me going?... It's the thrill of it all.

Knowing we already have a hit for a game. As a mod on warcraft 3 there is still an estimated 40,000 players on this one map that we designed. So we know this game will be an instant hit when it goes public in 2015.


But I am writing today, to say “oh my god!”


Working 14hr days 6 days a week, and we've been at it for little over two months now. And we barely even got into the game development.


The whole project seems overwhelming. So again I say “starting a gaming company is not for the faint of heart”.


Keep this in mind should you decide to start up your own company.





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