Spyro and it's many games

In this post i will talk about spyro on of my Favorited game from when I was a kid and i look at how they have changed over the year with the different playing styles and graphics

As a Kid I had a ps1 i had a lot of games for it like abes odyssey, colin mcrae rally and another was spyro this was probably one of my favourite games to play I dont no how many times i played through that game must have been a lot the original series is still my favourite i played the reboot when it came out in 2006 i only got through the first one and a bit off the second one i just couldn't get into it but thats just me I thought the original was just better it was a completely different story the reboot was. The reboot was called The legend of spyro the first game was called The legend of spyro: A new beginning and the second was The legend of spyro: the eternal night and the third one was called The legend of spyro: Dawn of the dragon. These weren't the only games the that had the little purple dragon there were many more spyro game not all were following the same story there is boatloads of them out for many different consoles like PS1, PS2, Gamecube, Game Boy advanced and many more.

The three original spyro games that were brought out on the ps1 were re-released for the ps3. I would love to see a remake of the original three game with up to date graphics but who knows when or if it will ever happen.


There was even two games were Doctor Cortex from the crash bandicoot world and the ripto from spyro team but together. Crash and spyro have to team up together in these games, both these games are side-scrolling adventure games this is one difference compared to the other games one thing being that there was a crossover between two game worlds and another being that the games are a side-scrolling adventure where other games like the first one for the ps1 was a platform game. I never played these two game i remember one of my family members plying them i was never really into playing handheld games except for pokemon on the game boy colour.


Spyro: Enter the dragonfly was the first game out of all the games to come out for the ps2 I remember when out that this game was coming out I wanted to get it for christmas I thought it was going to be out for ps1 and ps2 but it was only for ps2 thankfully i got a ps2 for christmas along with the game and i could continue my adventures with spyro.


Spyro: A Hero's Tail was the second game to be brought out for the playstation 2. In a heros tail you weren’t only tied down to playing as spyro you could also plays as Sparx whos has been in all the games he follows spyro around, a flying penguin called Sgt. Byrd,Hunter who is a cheetah and a mole called Blink you played as each of these characters for brief moments of the game when something had to be done that spyro couldn't do himself. I remember playing this game through till the end and when i got to the end i remember how difficult the last boss was if i played it again i’d probably find it a lot easier to defeat the last boss. When i got to the end of the game I remember leaving my ps2 on all night just so i didn’t have to start the fight again

When I got The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning I didn't know it was a reboot I can remember the starting of the game, spyro being an egg in the opening cut scene gets sent down a river for his safety the egg stops on the river side after traveling for some time two dragonflies fly over the egg hatches. The dragonflies adopted spyro and raised him along with sparx who was born the same day in the remake this shows the player how sparx and spyro became friends right from the start. I played right through this game and also played the second one which was The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night I never finished this game i think i only really played through about half of it maybe it was because i stopped playing the ps2 and started playing the xbox 360 a lot more.

I Recently watched some footage from the games I played as a kid I would love to dig out my old ps1 and ps2 and replay them all again out off all the game i played over the years these are still my favourite while other people were playing zelda and mario i never really took to them but the spyro games were just great in my opinion. Even when I watched footage from the remake it reminded me even thought it was a reboot i still kind of enjoyed them well the ones i played and makes me think i should have finished the second one and moved onto the third one. Spyros look has changed over the years through the different games like in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon he is a lot bigger and looks old of course this being because it is the third game in the trilogy. Spyro also appears in the first skylanders game this is called Skylanders Spyro's Adventure his appearance in this game is completely different to any of the other games I never played this game and didn’t like the look of spyro i thought they changed him to much. not only has spyro changed looks with the advance in computer graphics and what can be done visual wise every new game looks better like in the first one edges looked jagged and didn’t really look curvy but as the games got newer through the years the amount of detail put in got more complex making the hole game look better.

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