You may have read my article last week about games that make me crazy! Now, there are some games that never make me lose my cool.

You may have read my article last week about games that make me crazy! Now, there are some games that never make me lose my cool. And these are the type of games I tend to stick with to keep my life happy and healthy.

Why play a game that is going to ruin your day, when you can play something magical and beautiful?

While some of these games provide wonderful imagery and experiences, others are simple concepts that are pure fun, whether I win or lose.

Overwatch is one game I can never get mad at (and I’m not even that great at it). Every once in a while, I do have an EPIC match, but most of them are just average. The animation and character design are both so stunning that I can never be mad. It's like a Pixar movie, but way more violent.

I love all of the characters. How can you get mad at Winston? “He made a chrono-accelerator” and he’s a science-ape.

I can't get enough of the world of OVERWATCH. I love that they release short videos, stories and digital comics that dig deeper into each character's background. And of course, everyone loves the diversity in the cast. Each character plays and feels totally different, which is why I can play this game forever. 


Even though I have only been able to beat this game one time, I can still never get pissed at Isaac. It's a short game, but I always end up dying before reaching mother.

This game is just too silly and weird to make me angry. You shoot tears at piles of poop and unborn, farting monsters. Every time you pass a stage you see some really weird images of someone picking or peeing on Isaac. If anything this game should make you more sad than angry, but it makes me happy.

I got this game for FREE on my PS4 but didn't start playing it so much until recently. I’m now even thinking of repurchasing it on my Nintendo Switch, so I can play it anywhere.


I know I said that "Sports Games" make me angry, but Car Soccer isn’t a real sport, so maybe that’s why it doesn't really grind my gears.

Most of the goals are so sick that I’m more impressed by how my opponent scored than actually getting angry at them for scoring on me. I salute them with a "Nice Goal."

Even though it may be FIFA with cars, you are a car that can fly, do flips and use fire boost to blow up your opponents. All this, while trying to score a goal with a giant soccer ball. This game is pure fun!


Most Nintendo games make me happy, how can you get mad at Mario's face? With his silly mustache and all...

However, I will lose my sh*t in Mario Kart when I’m trying to get the gold in a cup race and Toad sneaks past me for first place in one course, ruining my chances.

The games I play on my iPhone are also ones that I don’t really get mad at. But they are mostly brain games, like Threes and now Kami 2.

What are some you play to make you happy?

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