Slow Week? Don’t Frown.

We all have weeks where we don't make as much progress as we hope. Here are a few tips to help you get over the blah feeling of having a bad week.

OK so you had a slow week. You feel like you had no time to work on your game. Its in the same place and you’ve lost motivation. Don’t fret here’s a few things that I keep in mind when this happens to me. Hopefully it will help you over that hump..

1. Forgive yourself.

I know a weird first tip right. Bust seriously just say it out loud. “I had an off week and its OK. Don’t worry about it”. You will acknowledge that it was a slow week and that its OK, next week will be better. It will feel like you got it off your chest and can breath again. Ahh feel the relief.


2.  Take a step back and look at what you did do that week.

Id bet that the even though you feel the game made no progress, you still made progress someplace. Did you tweet about it this week? Blog? Freshen up your site? Draw some concepts for a level? Talk to a friend about a new mechanic? These are all still great steps to progressing your game. Don’t forget the game is only 1 part of what you have to do.


3.  Did life get in the way? Its OK life is important.

We all have a GF or a BF or friends and family. Along with that comes responsibilities. They are awesome responsibilities but they can at times slow down the game. In the big picture they are important (probably more important then the game) and will make you a happier person in the long run. So just smile, enjoy the time with whoever it was and tackle the game next week.

OK this got a bit longer then I expected. I wanted to include 3 more tips on how to avoid these slow weeks. But I am going to turn that into a whole 2nd post coming up later this week.

God speed and good code,


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