Round-Up: Flash Game Summit 2009

The 2009 Flash Game Summit was a great event, I look forward to 2010. I learned a lot of great things and met some great people.

Wow, the Flash Game Summit was an amazing event. very worthwhile and i look forward to next year.  many talented, friendly and energetic people.  People were very accessibly and willing to share information. 

The panel discussions were very candid and helpful.  It was funny to be a little star struck at the various game developers who did games i admired like Fancy Pants and Auditorium, but at the same time, they really are just guys like us who've persisted and cultivated some great concepts and have received recognition for their efforts. 

I didn't feel like I had much to talk with them though.  Next year i hope to be more as3 savvy to be able to hold some intelligent conversations with folks about techniques and methods of game structuring.  all in good time...

The Q and A sessions were great also.  I made sure to ask as many questions as I could, since being in Nashville, it's not as easy to meet people face to face who are not nearby.

I"m going to be spending this week compiling notes and trying to pull together my information.  I have a lot of business cards as well that i need to process and respond too as well. 

I'm in the airport right now flying back.  Flight got canceled, rerouted, waiting...  looking forward to a good nights rest in my own bed and then kick things off tomorrow tackling all this information.

Still having a social hangover today... not much sleep.. talking flash all day, listening to flash stuff all day.. heh heh. 

Overall the message I got and appriciated was that the future is bright for flash development, it's got room for growth and the community can help each other and still experience our own degrees of success and earn livelyhoods from this.  I feel that we're on the right path and while there is still lots to learn, we're at least looking in the right direction.

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