REMAKEIFICATION: The Movieindustry has entered the Meta-Game

The crossover-trend that has bee proven valuable in the games industry, enters a new round in the movie industry.

According to this article Hollywood enters the state of “downing” their game once more. The monetary aspects are mind-shattering, I´ll give them that much.

A Star Wars Movie based On Kurosawas “Seven Samurai”? Really? At first this could mislead into thinking it`s only a re-remake (the remake was “The Magnificient Seven”), a modernizing for our times, but it is actually a different kind of beast.

In the games world we praise LEGO for their unconventional takes on our most beloved franchises, that must not be named here. Angry Birds jumped on the bandwagon.

If this sets a trend we could have an incoming line of Remakes:

A Star wars movie based on “Titanic”: a poor padawan and a rich Sith-princess fall in love during an imperial cruising. Breathtaking moments: When the padawan climbs the star destroyer in a stormtrooper suit and shouts in his micro: I´m the emperor of the galaxy!

A Star Trek movie based on “Lord Of The Rings”: Orc -> Borg. Sauron -> Borg-Queen. Frodo->Kirk. Sam->Spock…the possibilities are mind-bending.

The games-industry will immediately come up with sth. like:

Star of Wars: Light Sabers enhanced with chainsaws, that can be used to dissect Stormtroopers. Lots of swearing and a Jedi-Master (voiced by Samuel Jackson) who is into gangsta-rapping

Mass Creed: Freeroaming on giant starships and Planets. Exchange all Assassins-weapons stuff with Omni-stuff: Omni-blade, Omni-crossbow etc.

Call of Devil may Cry: Russian Devil armies are fighting American Angel armys on multimayer maps that are not only destructible but constantly changing their layouts. Exchange killstreaks with damnstreaks. At a 25-damnstreak you can summon god to cheat on your behalf.

Mario vs. Aliens: A jump and run title where a space-plumber fights Necromorphs on an abandoned space station. (Hopefully the Dead-Space people haven`t claimed that IP already)

Any more ideas?

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