Real Time Social Networking makes its way into Indie Game

Unbeknownst to you, Yooreka Studio(in partnership with Tencent Wegame, Storm Studio and Steam) brings inspiration from the classic Werewolf-like gameplay and puts an intriguing atmosphere in your PC.

Developed by Storm Studio and published by Yooreka Studio, "ISLAND OF DECEPTION" was released on 1st April with Early Access on Steam. The trailer can be found below. laugh

Game Description

Island of Deception is an innovative social game that combines identity-guessing, real-time voice features, and a multiplayer collaboration mode. The game works on the principle of two-team confrontation. The survivors have to work together in solidarity, logging trees and repairing boats, and eventually fleeing the island. The traitors are to take advantage of the opportunity to wreak havoc and are not to be recognized and killed.

Features: real-time voice chat, werewolf-like killing game, MOD content (emoji pack, voice pack), friends online, disguise show, control the whole scene. 

Game Modes

The game currently has single-player match-up play & survival squad play. The gameplay is divided into the classic mode (6-8 people can form a group in match-up mode) and the guardian mode (8 people). 

Introduction to the Gameplay

Rare identities can be auctioned by spending gold coins before entering the game. Classic mode bids for one of the traitors; Guardian Mode bids for special identities corresponding to the mode; identities are randomly assigned when no one is bidding.

There are two camps in the game: The Survivors Camp and the Traitors Camp.

Survivor's winning conditions: After successfully repairing all four ship parts on the shore with wood, one can escape the deserted island, or find all the traitors in the field and defeat them.

Traitor’s winning Conditions: Prevent the survivors from fixing the ship by messing with the ship and destroying it. Gain victory as the time runs out. The other way is by defeating all survivors.

  • Real-time communication with 2 voice-chatting channels, including all players channel and saboteurs only channel. This game is a test of logical thinking and verbal ability, in the game, it is easier to win the game by using the voice function and gaining the trust of other players.
  • Collaborate in cutting down trees, beware of the traitors, and rely on the power of unity to find them.
  • Use props, either side can use props, even if the survivors make them bad and disrupt your thoughts.
  • Logical reasoning, observing each person's behaviour and language, discovering his purpose, finding out who he is.
  • Make use of the storm, whether it's to destroy a ship or to protect yourself, find the right time to turn it on and the storm will erase all evidence.

Tips on Using the Props

  • Boat parts: spread out over four locations along the shoreline, fix it with wood and it's out of here.
  • Snakewood and Broadleaf Tree: 3 people working together to cut down the tree, which the traitor can disrupt by "messing with", causing the person picking up the wood to bleed or causing damage to ship parts.
  • Coconut and First Aid Kit: Reply your strength and blood.
  • Bomb and Rotwood: used by the lost to destroy ships in due course.
  • Wind Eye Stone: Get to the side of the boat and start a storm that will confuse your eyes when you're not ready.
  • Jam: Mark the one you suspect and identify the person in the storm too.
  • Poison needles: The needles need to be picked up by two people working together, one as a picker and the other as a helper. After a successful pickup, the needle is in the picker's bag; during the pickup process, if the person helping the pickup is "messing around", the pickup will be immediately defeated after messing around and the needle will remain unpicked.

Clue: Look at the identity of the person you suspect.

Special occasions and status

  • Guardian Mode (which can be opened on Gala Island).

1) There is a Guardian, four survivors and three traitors in the Guardian Mode.

2) Guardians belong to the survivor camp and are senior survivors with the ability to "GUARD".

3) If someone "messes" with the tree while the Guardian is involved in the process of cutting it down, the Guardian can use the [Guard] ability to invalidate the mess.

4) If a Guardian "messes up" while helping to pick up poison needles, the Guardian can use the [Guard] ability to invalidate the messing up.

5) In the event of damage to a ship's components at the Guardian's location by the use of explosives or Rotwood, the Guardian may use the [Guardian] ability to restore the repair progress of the damaged ship's components.

6) The Guardians should try to protect themselves and not be defeated by the Traitors!

  • Partying.

Gala Island is a place where friends are invited to a party, and if you get the right number of people, you can take a boat directly to a special event - the Guardian Mode

You can set up trampolines in the carnival island, swim with friends on fireworks, or stand on the beach and toss coins to summon a dolphin show!

If you are wondering if there is something else to look forward to apart from the usual Mobile Mp/BR games, then the Island of Deception is truly the game that gamers and mystery fans have been waiting for. The graphics are better, the concept is better, and the storyline is intriguing, as well. ~Pure Mystery and Adventure.

This is just the first week of its initial release. The game needs more players to be able to play the Classic Match-up Mode. So individual players might have to wait a bit until the game grows a significant fan base. But if you have a team of 6-8 and are raring to go then there is nothing to stop you.

NB: Currently they are offering a Lucky Draw Contest whereby answering a couple of questions you could get a chance to win free Steam Keys for the Game or Steam Cards which you can use to purchase games from the store. Sweet Deal!!!  cool   

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