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While there’s a brief (purportedly witty) bit in my profile, I felt it might be appropriate to offer some background on the mortal behind these words.

Most relevant to this blog is that I’m an avid, though not consistent, gamer. By that I mean there are many distractions (school and work being the two primary ones) that at times have taken my attention away from games for extended periods of time. As such I have been at times out-of-the-loop and lacking in the play-time and in-game experiences that more dedicated gamers often rack up. In addition to skipping/missing some solid games, I often get addicted to a small number of games that I often go back to, meaning I knowingly skip new game experiences for oldies but goodies.

In terms of play-style, I’m a big fan of RPG-elements (regardless of game-genre) and I demand a great storyline from a game. To me, games are another way to experience a story; one of the wonderful things about gaming is the debate about the role the player should have in that experience, which I feel speaks to the great amount of maturing that this medium has left. In case anyone takes insult, I view this youth in a completely positive light - it’s exciting to be a part of.

My play-style is often slow and careful - I prefer to sneak around an environment and become familiar with the terrain. I prefer single-player campaigns to multiplayer simply because of the time-drain that multiplayer can be - I spent many hours playing massive Halo & Halo2 battles in college, and have since passed on the addictive nature of that type of gameplay.

Systems that I have owned include: NES, Sega Genesis, N64, Xbox, Playstation 2, Xbox 360. I’ve also always been big on PC gaming. Currently I own an XBox 360 and have a recently built PC on which I game. I also have a PS2, but I haven’t used it in some time.

At the moment the games that I’m playing include re-playing Halo 2, kicking around some NBA 2k8, and catching up on some of the many games I’ve missed over the past couple years, beginning with BioShock.

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