Project Roadmap

Roadmap of all of Neuron's projects.
I know it must seem like we are starting a lot of projects lately, however, they are all integrated towards a common goal.  So you can keep all of them straight, here is a quick overview of them.

Nightshade (competed)

This was the development of our new website with the blog and syndication plugged in.

Loke (completed)

This is our proprietary game engine “Cortex” up to version 1.00

M8 (completed)

This was the free novelty game for Windows “Magic 8”.  It was developed as a small demonstration of Cortex 1.00

Hemlock (completed)

This is the “Cortex” engine up to version 1.5, this version and subversions cross target Windows and the XBox 360 simultaneously.

Liquid Chicken (completed)

Rebuild of “Magic 8” into a XBox 360 compatible game as a small demonstration of the Cortex engine with Windows and XBox 360.  Soon to be released on XBox Live Indie games.

Dark Horse

This is the Bottle Cap Kid or BCK game.  It will be utilizing the Super Cortex engine.

Squirrel Venom

This is a casual arcade style game currently under development.  It will be utilizing the Super Cortex engine.

Cobra Sting

Cortex 2.0 or what will be known as Super Cortex.Super Cortex will be the Cortex engine with both 2D and full 3D capabilities.  It will also be cross platform for Windows and the XBox 360.  We started this project yesterday and making headway at a much quicker pace than anticipated.  I am quite pleased :)So that should straighten things out for you :P

You can read more and follow me and Neuron Games, Inc. here:

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