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Neverwinter Nights Toolset Deadening 3 Project Journal.

NWN 1.69 changed basic scripts adding support for mountable horses. I was using a henchman library that hasn't been updated after this. I had to copy some code over from the new basic scripts to the library scripts. I didn't do it because I want horses but because I was getting some crazy error messages. It had to to with a skin item that all PCs have now.

Added a little bit to the rest script to let me stop resting depending on events. Mostly just need it to let the PC rest at the very beginning before being attacked.

Changed death script to popup the respawn dialog in the standard way instead of the libraries way.

Changed Hope back to a sorcerer. She still sucks compared to her nwn2 version. nwn1 has wacky AI. She starts casting burning hands eventually after buffing. If the player prebuffs using dialog she starts sooner.

Started work on the church area. Its decent looking. The church area I made in nwn2 is much prettier. I'm spending more time working with lighting. I can do some decent things with per tile lighting and fog.

Rewrote some dialog to be less horrible.



My latest competed project is Deadening 2 for NWN2. Its a short atmospheric hack and slash.

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