Pirate King International Game Guide - Newbie Guide

Pirate King International is an online, browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that utilizes a turn-based combat system. The game plot is adapted from the success of the world renowned Japanese Anime and Manga franchise.
Pirate King International
Basics of the Basics
This guide is for noob or for newbie who skips all the tutorial because it is boring??? LOL 
Note: You need to remember that in this game FAME plays a important role to gain crew. So to be strong or be one of those top 10 you need to be strong in the very beginning when the server opens up. And if you are that angry that you want to be the strongest among the players i suggest to TOP UP or be a VIP 6 or 8 at beginning of a NEW SERVER.

So let go down to business.

At the very beginning try to read a bit on the tutorials in game.
Vitality - This limits on how much you can do in game in comes to Battlefield, Team Battle, Mine, Conquer and Attack.
Reminder the vitality regenerates 1 per 30 minutes.
Fame - this determines the Rank of the SHIBUKAI. This is also use for FARMING crews.
Shibukai Ranking
Fame Required For Activation
Power - this determines the strength of a player but dont be afraid on the player who got plenty of powers because some of them ench wrong items, and upgraded gems which is unnecessary for the crew.

Berry - this is use for enhancing equips, Zodiac, Shadow Spirit, Ship, Gem Exploration and Production
 Enhance - Leveling or Putting Plus to equips

Production - Where you can get Rings and Staff equips
Shadow Spirit - Where you can gain blue and Purple Orbs to Advance a Crew
Zodiac - this give additional boost on your Protagonist and Crew 

Favor - this is use for Research, Accelerating, Gift House and Treasure Hunting
 Gift House - For Breaking Down Blue weapons and up to became Gifts for Charm Leveling
Crew and Pet Training
Research - gives an additional Boost for your Main and Crew

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