Newsletter #46 - Facebook Page

IfThen Software has a Facebook page, troubles with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, new sketches, a parody of 300, new clan name, and more.


IfThen Software LLC now has a Facebook page! Be sure to check it out.

From the Programmer
Written by Invisible

A warning to anyone who wants to try Microsoft Visual Studio 2010: Please remember that it is a beta, so don't install it on a computer that you depend on using. Unfortunately, I installed it on my main computer a few months ago. It didn't seem to do any harm, although I only used it once and promptly forgot I had it.

I ran into an issue a couple Saturdays ago that involved runtimes and very little space on C:. To fix the issue, I uninstalled programs that I hadn't used for a while. One of these programs was Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. The issue was eventually resolved, and I started work again on Monday... Or at least I tried to. Apparently MSVS2010 got tendrils around MSVS2005 and wouldn't let me start it. When I tried, it reported that it could not find MSVCR100.dll. A little annoyed but not too worried, I started the MSVS2010 installer. I didn't have enough room on C: to install MSVS2010 completely, so I only installed enough features to get the MSVS2010 runtime installed as well. The install was very slow, but it eventually finished and I could once again start MSVS2005.

Everything seemed to be working... At least until I tried to compile. Apparently some of MSVS2005's internals got removed, damaged, and twisted. Obviously not a good sign. I started the MSVS2005 installer so that I could repair it, or worst-case reinstall it, and was greeted with an error message. Fortunately, the installer made it past the error and allowed me to attempt a repair, but the repair itself generated various errors. After trying this a few times, I decided to uninstall MSVS2005 and install it fresh from the CD. The uninstall seemed to work, but when I put in the CD to install it again, the same error from earlier poped up. I was able to start the install process, but it kept crashing.

The problem was eventually fixed by uninstalling every version of Microsoft Visual Studio that I had installed, along with everything that was installed with them or possibly related to them. After that, the installer worked perfectly fine. Luckily, custom options somehow survived the big uninstall, so I didn't have to setup header and library paths all over again.

After that mess was taken care of, I managed to get the basic GUI image element about 90% complete. I decided to work on the GUI image element instead of the GUI window element because it is simpler, and thus easier to test the GUI system's features. The image element can be created, attached to any other GUI element that can support children, and be picked up and dropped. That last feature doesn't work quite right yet, due to problems with reference counting, but hopefully the problem will be fixed by next week's newsletter.

Artist's Easel
Written by GreyKnight

iScribble Sketches #4

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)


Community Spotlight
Written by miotatsu, pifreak, and Invisible

A funny parody of a scene from the movie "300" was created by players in SAO last week. The video is available here.

An SAO clan has changed their name to "The Crumpet Club". The Crumpet Club is proud to announce that their leader, miotatsu, has reached level 51 in Stick Adventures Online and is now ranked #2 in the Unofficial Top 10.

IfThen Software now has a Facebook page as described above. This will be a good way for fans to join the group, and for friends of fans to find out about the community.

Acaceol has made a new collective, titled "We". Since it is not a clan, players already in a clan are allowed to join. Acaceol is not giving away the point of this collective until the signing up is done; very interesting and mysterious.

There are a few new mods posted on the Stick Adventures Online forums. One that looks nice is titled "Mr_yoshi's First Mod". The mod has a city theme with the text, monsters, and scenery changed.

Another notable mod, which is rather humorous, is titled "Shoop Da Whoop Mod", by Baco~.

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