Nazi Laser Tanks and Upgrades

Read about the latest update to The Red Front, see the new Nazi Laser Tank and Armoured Bucket Car in Action!

The Nazi Reich has developed laser technology to try to combat The Red Army’s advanced weaponry. They have also been applying more armour and stronger weaponry to the bucket cars. These advancements are still not comparable to our own, though it is cause for concern as they may develop stronger weaponry.

New Features Added

  • German Laser Tank
    The German Laser Tank has taken advantage of the Soviet Weaponry and has been deployed to the Nazi War Machine. These tanks can deal pinpoint damage and are heavily armoured.

Nazi Laser Tank

  • Armoured Bucket Car
    New weapons have been deployed to the latest bucket cars, as well as reinforced armour. These new cars are very powerful and can move very quickly. They will need to be a priority target for the tank commander.

Armoured Bucket Car

  • Combat Pickups Improved
    The look of the combat pickups has been improved, shield recharge pickups and extra rocket drops have been added. These have a chance to drop when an enemy is destroyed and provide an extra combat boost for the commander.

Combat Pickups

  • Terrain Improvements
    The terrain of the first level has been improved, adding more variety to the first stage.


New Media

See a preview of the newest updates in action:

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