MY lil World (New plan)

New pla for " MY lil World"

Y'know after giving it some considerable thought. All them previous posts just seems to complicate the game. I'm gonna try to simplify it some.


The world is still very big, it resembles earth, and there's gravity and oxygen and all that good earthly stuff. So it should be familiar.

 It's green where it needs to be green, and there's water where there needs to be water, and there's tree's where there needs to be tree's , and beaches and cities too. etc.

There are different houses (I can own them all)- Log Cabin, House on the beach, Apartment, Two story home, A castle, Trailer, Hut, A mansion. (You will be afforded 1 to get you started, after that they cost ingame money) Each house will be situated in the best possible zone/location for it's use. You would associate a log cabin with hunting and fishing. And so on. Or a house on the beach with racing, and fishing and diving. and so on.

This will be your base camp, so to speak. You can decorate it, store things in it, and do things, such as look for activities, and other cool things. I want the homes to play an important role, like they did in Oblivion. But with extra characteristics including but not limited to a well done, but simple gardening system.

There are different vehicles (I can own them all)- Boats, cars, trucks, airplanes, motorcycles, and hovertype vehicles, etc. (You will start with 1 vehicle based on what you want to do first) If your gonna start out fishing, I suggest a boat. If your gonna start out as a hunter, I suggest an atv or truck, And I guess it's kinda obvious what your gonna need to start out racing, right?...

Welp, It doesn't matter what you need to start out racing, because you can race anything. There will be same type vehicle races... Boats against boats, car vs cars, planes vs planes, and some special vehicles races, like super fast hover bikes/cars or something... Maybe some salt flats speed records too.

There will also be free for all races, where players can race any land based vehicle against one another. Cars -vs- Trucks -vs- Atv's -vs- Motorcycles, etc. Because cars against planes and boats just wont work. (They might in another game though)

There are different professions ( I can do them all)- Racing, Hunting, Fishing, Mining, probably more (You'll start off choosing one profession to get your one time free vehicle for that profession, any vehicles after for the same proffession or other professions will cost ingame money) You will be able to do all the professions activities so long as you have the right gear to do so.

You get to choose 1 of each of these to get you started in the game. But I wouldn't choose an airplane to go hunting in... Get the picture?

Ok, so here's where it gets real complicated... Ready?


You make money by participating in the activities

You hunt and sell what you hunted to the NPC's. The NPC's are also crafters and you can buy things from them that are relative to what they bought from you.

For example... I hunt a deer and sell it to the NPC. The NPC can now supply me with a mounted rack, or tanned hide for whatever I want to use them for. Decorate a house, sell to another player etc.

You may sell the animal you hunted for 100 credits and it might cost you 50 for the rack and 50 for the tanned hide. You dont have to buy them, but if you want them, they are there.

Same goes for everything else... If you want fish emulsion for your garden, sell fish to the NPC and then you'll be able to buy fish emulsion from them. Do the same for fish leather, and so on.

For each different item you sell to the NPC, the NPC can craft different items. As soon as you sell whatever it is you want to sell to the NPC, the NPC's crafting items updates.

If I want jelly, I need to sell the NPC fruit so that that item will appear in the list of items

If I want platinum, i need to sell them oil

If I want jewlery, i need to sell them gold, silver, platinum or whatever.

As soon as you sell the item to the NPC, it'll give you a list of items you can buy related to that item. It'll also have a list of items that you can repurchase if you want to from the other items you have already sold to them.

For example, I only need to sell (1) 1lb Bass to open up all the items I can buy that are related to that 1lb bass, and I can go back without a 1lb Bass, and still buy all those items it opened up.

You can also make money participating in races... come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and win a prize. That simple. But you might have to drive from your mansion to where there is a race track. (I would like to have it so when you were done with an activity and need to do something in real life, you can close out, and when you start the game again, you'll be in the same spot, or have to start back at home.)

You can mine for materials- Pretty simple, mine the materials and sell it. Of course you'll need the equipment to mine with and the correct location. (I'd like mining to be multifaceted. Stationary mining equiptment and portable mining equipment, locator devices, etc.) This is where you'll find gold and other mined resources that can be sold. And these specific resources openup other NPC crafted items.

You can buy and sell amongst other players if it's an mmo, and it wants to be.

You can have your groups, and freinds list, and chatting. All the normal stuff.

Thats it in a nutshell for now... Of course I'll probably edited it to death again.

Good day :)


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