Musicians hit out at plans to cut off internet for file sharers

From left, Nick Mason, Ed O'Brien, Dave Rowntree and Billy Bragg, the singer, are lining up against Government's stance on file sharing

Musicians from some of the world’s biggest bands are calling on the Government to abandon proposals to cut off the internet connections of people who illegally download music.

Artists from bands including Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Blur told The Times that plans announced by Lord Mandelson, the Business Secretary, to suspend the internet accounts of those who engage in file-sharing will criminalise a whole generation of their fans.

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The musicians, all part of the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC), a new group set up to represent the interests of recording artists, claim that despite the damage that file sharing does to sales of their records, it can also encourage people to buy concert tickets and merchandise.

Ed O’Brien, the Radiohead guitarist, said: “My generation grew up with the point of view that you pay for your music. Every generation has a different method. File sharing is like a sampler, like taping your mate’s music. You go, ‘I like that, I’ll go and buy the album’. Or, ‘you know what, I’ll go and see them live’. What’s going on is a huge paradigm shift.”

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