Month 3, Go Go!

New classes, new challenges.

Well that was a nice month hiatus.  From the blog.  Not school.

Anyway, I’m sure at least one of you is curious about thepast month.  And I’m sorry to say there’s nothing really super crazy to report.  Calculus was a pretty standard math class and Programming 1 was a nice intro to the basics of C++.   It’s worth mentioning, though, that my two instructors were both outstanding.  I don’t think I would have learned and understood calculus without such a phenomenal teacher.  And my programming instructor’s examples utilizing coding for games made the material not only easy to absorb, but actually fun to learn. 

So now I have a new month ahead of me, with my two classes being Linear Algebra and Programming 2. As of writing this I’ve only been in Linear Algebra for half a day, but I’m really excited.  What I was expecting to be a straight up math class is actually a, “Here’s some math, and here’s how you code it for a game and why” class. It puts this really cool spin on things, where I’m now eager to learn the next concept.  It’s as if the boring married couple of math and programming got together and had a kid who plays guitar, skateboards, and slams down tubes of Go-Gurt, the grab ‘n goyogurt.  As an added bonus, my math teacher is extremely animated, and keeps class the good kind of interesting. 

As for Programming 2, I’m told it’s a lot of object oriented programming and stuff like that.  I’m familiar with it, but I could absolutely use a refresher.  The stigma around school here is that this is the month where people bomb out of school. Programming 2 is apparently the first brutal class you encounter, with class sizes of 30 being cut down to half. So I plan to be on my toes and devote as much time as necessary to get that coveted A+. 

That’s the month ahead. But thinking back, I don’t believe I’ve had a chance to talk about class schedules here at Full Sail.  I truly can NOT fathom how someone could come to this school and hold any sort of job.  Period. I’m in class five days a week, and depending on the surrounding holidays, 6 days sometimes.  The usual schedule seems to be Monday through Thursday, with random Saturday classes thrown in.  All of these classes are agood eight hour haul with about four hours of homework and an hour lunch in the middle.  Or dinner.  My previous month’s class schedule was a tad rough, with my Monday and Wednesday class being 9:00 to 5:00, and then my Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday class being 5:00 to 1:00.  1:00 in the AM. So yes, that means I got like maybe 6 hours of sleep between class Tuesday and Wednesday.  This month my schedule is a bit more lax with both my classes being in the evening, either 1:00 to 9:00 or 5:00 to 1:00.  But sugary snacks and soda will get me through, as always.

Not really sure what else to say on this one, other than expect updates a bit more frequently this month.  Have a feeling things are going to be fun.  Horrible, but fun.


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