Making games is terrifying, do it anyway!

The only thing worse than the fear of failure, is the regret of never trying in the first place. This piece was written a few hours before launching a game we've spent 2 years developing on to Steam.

In about 15 hours I’m going to press a button that launches Unbox, a 3D platformer my company has worked on for 21 months, on to Steam. To get this stage has been a monumental team effort, involving not just the 7 people who sit around me in the office, but over 70+ people from around the world contributing code, art, audio, advice and more.

3 years ago I had next to nothing. If you had told me then, as I rotted in a bedroom at my parents house, that in a few years I would have a massive open world 3D platformer launching on Steam, a company that has it’s own office and staff that would go beyond all measure to deliver the best game possible, I would have laughed.

Yet here we are.

I’ve spent the past year constantly second guessing myself, questioning whether or not Unbox will sell enough units and doubting my ability to manage effectively on this project. Making games is terrifying. Making anything is terrifying! However, I know that the alternative is far worse. I’ve lived a life where every year felt like another one wasted and it was beyond hellish. To have the resources to do something with your life, but not have the guts to take that first step is maddening.

What I realised is that you cannot do everything yourself. Making games is a collaborative effort, even if you’re a lone developer. You need others in your life to support you, to critique you and even to kick you while you’re down. Open yourself up to the world, and a world of opportunities will open up to you. When I took the first step it was nerve-wracking right up until we launched. Immediately after that, I suddenly had a whole new perspective on things. So I took another terrifying step and felt like maybe I should keep going. I’m very glad I did!

At every step, the people I know have supported us and helped us make new connections. This took me from nothing to something, I’m eternally grateful to those that helped the team and I make it this far. Let others help you, listen to feedback and when life knocks you over, always get back up.

Now I never post things like this, but tomorrow I launch something that I’ve put my entire being into, so I’m writing this to keep me occupied! If you want to watch a rambly video form of this message, watch below:

If a 3D platformer about sentient cardboard boxes sounds like your thing, check out Unbox for Steam:

If you want to make games or start a business, drop me a line on Twitter. I’m not an expert, but I’d like to help others in the same way people have helped me.

Unbox launched on the 5th September and currently has a 96% positive rating.


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