leveling guide for crit hit cra!

dofus kamas

leveling guide for crit hit cra!



The Cra Strength & Critical Hits Build is based on the Cra Strength Build but focuses on using + Critical Hit equipment to boost Punitive Arrow. With a critical hit Punitive Arrow has a possibility to do high damage, it is (1 - 100) on a critical hit. A character with the right equipment (boosting critical hit to over +30), on average, will do more damage with Punitive Arrow than a Strentgh Cra using Destructive Arrow.[url=]dofus kamas[/url]

This build is actually a hybrid that uses STR and + CH equipment early on, while slowly getting the INT necessary to give Explosive Arrow the punch it needs at Level 90. However, this build is not recomended for first characters, as critical hit equipment is very expensive and difficult to obtain.


lvl 11: Critical Shooting 5
lvl 26: Paralyzing Arrow 5
lvl 31: Punitive Arrow 5
lvl 34: Distant Shooting 3
lvl 36: Powerful Shooting 2
lvl 48: Lashing Arrow 5
lvl 54: Distant Shooting 5
lvl 61: Bow Skill 5
This is the basis for the spells. It is up to you afterwards to choose whether to boost Destructive Arrow or simply use a bow (typically a King of Borins Bow at level 60) and Punitive Arrow.


The Celestial Brooch although Strength and Wisdom maluses are a bit of a problem;
Young Vald's ring;
A Strength hat (Dora, Terrdala Hat, Dora Bora,MinotoHorno whatever you can buy and wear, you can wear Kritter on lower levels); King Jellix's Crown
Aerdala Geta mainly for the +Critical hit and the MP of course;
Chafeuse Belt;[url=]dofus kamas[/url]
King of Borins Bow then Ultra-powerful King of Borins Bow or Fishing Bow;
Turquoise Dofus for the richest among us all

8 AP gear isn't always necessary. Important factors when chosing equipment before lvl 100 is Vitality/Life,how much Punitive arrow will do overall ( with +%dmg equipment and str added together) and wisdom. (more to come)


Notes2 :
If you're working on a relatively low budget (as I was), you can still have 1/2 CH on Punitive Arrow by level 37 for a decent amount. My equipment is as follows: a +10 Kritter, a Silicate Amulet, +6 Faillette Boots, a Tot Belt, and a Crackler's Blade with +2 CH. With level 5 Critical Shooting, that comes to exactly 1/2 for all your 1/40 CH spells.[url=]dofus kamas[/url]

Thanks! and i hope that you like it and this helps me being elite member for free ^^

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