Keeping up with the surprise success of Mordhau

The development team behind the historical brawler Mordhau discuss the game’s creation and its post-launch plans in an interview with PC Gamer.

"Everyone has played a game before that they really enjoy, and they just wish they could change one or two things about it. We're in that position where we play that game and make those changes ourselves, and it's really liberating."

-Artist Mike Desrosiers discusses the team’s update process for Mordhau.

Mordhau is the first game from Triternion, a passion project that started to take form when some members of the team were as young as 17. Speaking to PC Gamer, members of the development team discuss the fledgling team’s goals for the project going in, and how those have changed now that the game has taken off and crossed into the world of live support.

"I’d say it’s more serious now. There’s more pressure, people are begging for maps on our Discord and social media," environment artist Andrew Geach tells PC Gamer. "The pressure of keeping up with the modern gaming environment with these live service game… you have to continue development, it’s expected, and the pace that’s expected is pretty fast, but we’re a small team, and generally it can be somewhat slow."

The full story on PC Gamer covers more facets of the game's development, including the team’s map design principle of starting with realism and modifying for fun, and how the team dealt with a launch that peaked at nearly 6 times their expected player counts.

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