Keeping Tabs on my Game Development Progress

This blog is a way to keep track of my development progress.

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Keeping Tabs on my Game Development Progress,
So my goal is to complete a simple game just to see if I can do it and go from there. This will be a challenge considering I don't know much about scripting and programming however the community is great and I shall learn a lot. From what I have learned when it comes to the game development pipeline, I lean towards the creative side of the spectrum i.e. animation, modeling, level design, concept art and sound design. Once I complete the game I will start another project and build up my portfolio of games. More details provided below.

Update 6/7/14
So this project is becoming bigger than I anticipated. I look forward to completing it however I will enjoy the journey to completion. I have scheduled a tentative date of completion, July 24th ish. I have plans to release the game on Steam and Xbox one however, I'm not sure how long it takes and if I can actually get the game on those platforms. If not, I will start a webpage of my own so interested gamer's can get a copy. I have a development schedule in place and I plan to stick to it. This thread is also helping me keep track of progress so this helps me out seeing how far I have come. Thanks again to the UE4 Community, everyone is great and positive. 

Update 6/29/14
After researching, troubleshooting and playing around, a lot of problems I had technically with the game are not an issue anymore. I now understand how game saves work so that the player can load their progress. Also, I have an understanding on how to give the player the option to change graphic settings that can save and load. I'm sure with continued research, I will be able to solve packaging the game for release and any other optimization required to ship. Optimization and properly packaging the product so that it actually installs and loads are my biggest problems now. Everything else I understand how to do it, it is just a matter of getting it done. I feel like I am in a better position and the release of the game feels much more realistic. I'm also thinking of creating a tutorial about this save feature to help others. This was a huge milestone for me, I don't know if it is the best way to do it, but it's working. Stay tuned for more updates, eventually I will post some more videos and create a webpage for the game once the game is really on its feet.

Project Title

Update 6/29/14 Goals in order to complete project...

  • Implement Title Screen, Menu Screen, Graphics Settings and Hud (6/7/14 In the works)
  • Fix and fine tune projectile system (Ongoingly Frustrating )6/3/14 Now working!
  • Respawning Player (Research Needed)6/4/14 Now working!
  • Improve Environment and Gameplay (Ongoing)
  • More Props (Ongoing)
  • Textures(Ongoing)
  • Create more modular pieces (6/3/14 Almost Completed)
  • Add Boost Animation (Untouched)
  • Improve Controls (Ongoing)
  • Add static enemies (6/3/14 Almost Completed)
  • Add Original Music and Sound FX (6/3/14 Started)
  • Create Multiple Levels (6/3/14 Started Very Early Stages)
  • 6/3/14 How to save current level player is on when they start game again 6/29/14 Now working and fully understand Game Save Slot Nodes for Blueprints!
  • Fine tune respawning or object...player velocity carrying over to respawn/teleport locatian 6/15/14 Now working!
  • NEW 6/4/14 Physics issue. When character isn't moving, mesh not colliding as it rotates around player.(Will Resolve at a later time)6/4/14 Now working!
  • Skysphere (6/4/14 Early Stages)
  • Story for Game (Almost Completed)
  • Research optimizing game for designated platform (Research Started)

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