Just Added! Interactive Fiction Freeplay Room at PAX

PAX badge not cover all three days? Want to try something a little different after-hours? OK, how about free snacks? Visit the Seattle Interactive Fiction Group's freeplay room, in the Sheraton hotel.

PAX Prime 2010 is less than a week away, and the Seattle Interactive Fiction group has been busy.  We've created an Interactive Fiction Freeplay room in the Sheraton hotel, the same building as the Pegasus Theatre.  (For those of us who haven't been keeping up on the PAX forums, PAX Prime has spilled over into a few other downtown buildings, the Sheraton hotel among them.  Read the PAX forum for details and spread the word.)  The exact suite number for the freeplay room is still to be determined, so watch for the flyers and pig tracks.  (Yes, pig tracks.)

We will be offering light snacks, screenings of Jason Scott's GET LAMP documentary on the history of the medium, multiple in-room panels on the integration of story and games over and above the official Friday panel ("Making Stories Worth Playing", Wolfman Theatre, 3:30 PM), and a selection of games.  Yes, we have hand-picked a selection of games in various genres -- horror, romance, etc. -- so you can avoid lemons and get the most out of your time with us.  Furthermore, we're open late, and you don't need a PAX pass to visit us.  So when you need a break from the commercialism of the exhibition hall, cheerleaded competitions like a Korean schoolgirl at a Starcraft tournament, and taken a hit of nostalgia in the console freeplay room, come visit, come play, come pontificate with us.  

And be on the lookout for a wandering pig.


Friday Sept 3rd

3:00pm IF Freeplay Room doors open
3:30pm Panel: Making Stories Worth Playing (Wolfman Theater)
5:30pm Experience IF with Action Castle!
2:00am IF Freeplay Room closes

Saturday Sept 4th

10:00am IF Freeplay Room doors open
11:00am Panel: Interactive Fiction Development (1hr)
1:00pm Interactive Fiction Workshop
5:00pm Panel: Characters in Interactive Fiction (1hr)
8:00pm Get Lamp — a documentary about IF (2hr)
2:00am IF Freeplay Room closes

Sunday Sept 5th

10:00am IF Freeplay Room doors open
1:00pm Experience IF with Action Castle!
3:00pm IF Freeplay Room closes

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