Iwata: "we will become outdated", correction Iwata you are outdated since 1992!

My take on Nintendo's state in the industry

It was embarrasing for me to read Iwata's statement on his recent press conference after seeing the low sales of the dissapointing WiiU and after lowering the sales expectations of that console to 2.8 million units from 9 million that Nintendo thought it will sell, I don't know how Nintendo refuses to accept they failed, WiiU performance has been dissaponting not only from the library perspective but from WiiU's specs and power that has made several big third party company's shy away from developing for the WiiU, Ubisoft has been one of the few companys that still believe on the WiiU's turnoraound, anywhere else the WiiU's future is not bright.

But let's see why Nintendo has been outdated snce many years ago, for that we need to see the past of Nintendo, way back on 1991 when they ruled the market with the SNES, it was on that year that Nintendo wanted to make a CDROM consola and they made a deal with Sony to build a SNES/CDROM dubbed "Play Station" which Nintendo cancelled at the last minute and changed their plans to build the CDROM games with Phillips, that lead Ken Kutaragi to build the Playstation and with that stealing most of the Nintendo market in videogames, besides Nintendo decided to to with cartidgre ROM storage for their next console the N64, due to their idea that "CDROM loading times were higher than cartridges" and despite being a relatively successful console the N64 was still an outated console, though it had a 64 Bit processor it's memory did not allow to use large textures since it had a 4,096-byte limit on a single texture this small textures when stretched gave a blurry look for graphics on N64 and the Cartridge size from 4 MB to 64 MB ROM pale in comparision to the 650 MB of the Playstation and Saturn CDROM size, also the cost of manufacturing cartridges vs CD's was very high to games manufacturers so many ended making more games for Sony and Sega than to Nintendo's machine just like today's Nintendo lived from their first party games, Square makinf Final Fantasy Games for Playstation was the final blow to Nintendo, we all remember Hiroshi Yamauchi vowing that "Square will not make a Final Fantasy game on any Nintendo console ever", Nintendo got outdated everybody else moved to CDROMs.

Now le't move to the next console the Gamecube, when Sony was ruling the videogame market and after the launch of the next generation console the Playstation 2, which Sony was envisioning since the launch of the original Playstation, again Sony had a DVD-ROM attached to each console and a primitive but relatively usable Network Adapter, while Nintendo's Gamecube had an edge on the geaphics with the Gamecube again they made bad choices again, they choose to use a propietary Mini-DVD ROM which only held 1.5 GB of data vs Sony DVD 4.7GB/7.95GB and some games had to be stored in two separate Mini-DVD and while Nintendo offered a Broadband Adapter they did not hat the infraestructure to support it so many company's passed out on developing online play for the Gamecube and again Nintendo was living from their first party games, let's take a look at the top 10 selling games for the Gamecube.

1. Super Smash Bros. Melee (7.09 million)
2. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (7 million approximately)
3. Super Mario Sunshine (5.9 million)
4. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (3.07 million)
5. Luigi's Mansion (2.64 million approximately: 2.19 million in US, 348,918 in Japan, 100,000 in UK)
6. Animal Crossing (2.32 million approximately: 1.68 million in US, 641,300 in Japan)
7. Mario Party 4 (2.00 million approximately: 1.1 million in US, 902,827 in Japan)
8. Metroid Prime (2 million)
9. Pokémon Colosseum (1.81 million approximately: 1.15 million in US, 656,270 in Japan)
10. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (1.73 million approximately: 1.44 million in US, 192,186 in Japan, 100,000 in UK)

This is starting to look familiar doesn't it? the Gamecube was seen as a failure since it sold significantly less than Nintendo's previos console the N64, 22 million Gamecubes sold vs N64 33 million units sold, another bad choice for Nintendo was they choose a "kiddier look" for the console which took away the hardcore gamer group which sided with either Sony or Microsoft and felt the Gamecube as a "kid's toy".

Now comes a success for Nintendo, which does not meant they were not outdated again, the Wii appears on 2006 to "compete" with Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony's Playstation 3, while it had a new gimmick on their remote control like controller and it's motion sensors it sold way better that their previous consoles, due to it's novely this next console sold 100.30 million consoles worldwide until today, the thing is that those sales where from non-gamers or casual gamers and mostly due to it's novelty, again taking away the hardcore gamer the Wii was inderpowered compared to Xbox 360 and PS3 that relied on HD graphics and Online Play, again while the Wii had a broadband port and provided a working network it was not seen as the primary console for online play, it had a PowerPC-based processor clocked at 729 MHz vs the 3.2 Ghz of the Xbox 360 and PS3 this was decided from Nintendo which philosophy was "You don't have to have the best grapics to enjoy a game" but again they went against the market, the Wii had a DVD-ROM but did not play DVD movies and they choose to go Standard Definition when the maket had a boom on HDTV's the Wii sold very well but in regards the hardware and features it went outated pretty quickly, even though it sold more units that PS3 and Xbox 360.

Now Sony and MS were developing their next generation consoles with even more power than the PS3 and Xbox 360, more memory (8GB RAM) more capacity (500GB hardrives) and more media capacity (Blu-ray drives 50GB) and what does Nintendo do this time? here come the mistakes...

First of all they choose a similar hardware configuration, basically the same as the Wii (both consoles look the same) only this time Miyamoto recomended a "tablet like controller" and they continue to use DVD's as media for games, the console is underpowered again even underpowered to the exiting consoles Xbox 360 and PS3! not to mention the giant leap vs the PS4 and Xbox One.

Second they choose basically the same name "WiiU" this caused confusion among the less knowledgeable user since they thought the new controller was just an "adapter" to the original Wii this caused less people buying it when they knew it was a new console with a higher prime.

Thirt, Nintendo did not advised most developers they were building a new console, only a handful of third party developers were notified before the launch (Ubisoft among others) by this time both MS and Sony approached the developers ti inform what the new generation of consoles will be capableof doing, in case of Nintendo Bethesda, Epic and EA were the first of announing they where not supporting development on this console.

Fourth, the games, no blockbuster game was offered for this console only New Super Mario Bros. U which was not a must-have game, only recently Mario 3D World and a recent cut on price had helped the WiiU a bit, the WiiU had little 3rd party support this days and without that the console ir almost floating aboard whith Nintendo firrst party games, as usual.

Fifth, storage, Nintendo only had 8GB onboard flash memory and offers a 32GB version with even celular phones had these days, this lead to long loading times on the WiiU than the installation capable Xbox 360 and PS3 not to mention the 500GB of the recent PS4 and Xbox One.

One thing that let me down was when the software from Nintendo themselved was going scarce, Nintendo said that it was taking them too long to develop games for the WiiU, they said that HD development "caught them off-guard", come on Nintendo! HD development started many years ago!! even Gran Turismo 4 had a 1080p support!! that shows how outated Nintendo had always been since 1991!! is not a new situation as Iwata said recently, Nintendo as any Japanese company has been very conservative, this happened to many Japanese developers, like Square with their Final Fantasy's, Nitendo and the whole Japanese industry must change, times changed long time ago Nintendo!!

Nintendo can take a blow with the WiiU failure even if they fail with this console they made money with the Wii, but the point is that they refuse to admit that they had always gone against the market, they thougt they can be or do the same as always and always succeed, they here lucky with the original Wii, I liked that console!! I loved my Wii it was a nice console! I remember playing Metroid Prime Trilogy and begging for it to be an HD capable console! I don't have the need to go and buy a WiiU even if I want so badly to play Mario 3D world!.

Don't misunderstand me I love Nintendo, but I think they have to change their ways and not to go against the market, If you buy a console you will enjoy Mario 3D World and the soon comming Donkey Kong and Smash Bros but besides those I don't see more games that invite me to purchase one console, in the end it will be as always has been, Nintendo take success on the sales of their own games, my take is that Nintendo should start to work on a new console that matches the power of PS4 and Xbox One, and release it on the next two years, why?? because that assures me I will have support from third party games without compromisses and not only the first party games, give me a "real next generation console" with the look of the NES with a slimmer look, give me a Zelda, Mario and Metroid a good conventional controller and I will buy that console for sure!! Good Luck Nintendo!!.

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