It’s Time to Make the Switch –

A few thoughts of the Nintendo Switch

            Hello everyone!! Good news has hit 2017 and it is from Nintendo!  The Nintendo Switch is coming and I am beyond ready.  With a few details, I just wanted to give my view on the newest Nintendo system.  Let’s jump into the wonderful world of Nintendo.

            What grabs my attention about the console itself right now is the controllers.  One feature of the Switch is the small controllers called Joy-Cons.  The Joy – Cons are small controls that attach to a game pad for TV enjoyment or to the screen part of the console for on the go action.  The Joy-Cons by themselves even function as complete controllers.  The system has a very simple yet intriguing feel about it. ;      

             The greatest news about any new system is the games and boy does the Switch have some cool games coming with it.  If I had to describe it I would say imagine the launch of the Wii, but better!!  One game that stood out is 1, 2 Switch.  To me it looks like Wii Sports but on steroids.  From the few examples they shown you can do gun fights, dance and even milk a cow.  The producer of 1, 2 Switch said he wanted this game to make the player focus on the other player not the screen.  I could go into detail about the other games mentioned, but we would be here all day (or at least a few hours).  Just know the games I’m looking forward to the most are Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.   Also, Nintendo fans the Switch is having a lot of 3rd party support!!!  The Switch will not have a short supply of games coming.      ;

            Overall I am very excited about the Switch and cannot wait to get it! (After I pay a bill or two).  Look out for the Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017 and be prepared to invest $299.99.  It will be thanks to the Switch that I will no longer get crap from my friends for owning a Nintendo console.  (Apparently, the Wii U wasn’t meant for grown players like me).  The link below will be for more information on the Switch and its awesome games.  I am your Friendly Neighborhood Game Designer and I hope you make the switch!

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