Introduction -- Game PR

A basic introduction on who I am and why I'm going to start posting on Gamasutra

Hello everyone.

Call of Duty 3 multiplayer

My name is Luis Levy. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, roughly 29 years ago :)

(I know gaming in South America very, very well)

I also have a BA in Film & TV and experience as an editor. I can cut my own shorts in Final Cut or (blasphemy!) Adobe Premiere.

(I have a pretty decent critical sense -- i.e., I'm capable of writing deep, detailed game critiques)

My day job is being an Assistant Account Executive at The Bohle Company. I handle game and Web 2.0 accounts. However, I occasionaly moonlight as a writer (Play The Game: The Parent's Guide to Video Games and Game Development Essentials: Game QA & Testing, the latter in stores in a month or so).

(Builds up my rep a bit. Imagine that, a PR guy that actually understands games)

Finally, I've worked as a tester in Quake 4, Call of Duty 2 PC and Call of Duty 3. I know my way around a studio and I was directly responsible for a lot of COD3's multiplayer experience. Keep in mind that COD3 is still fairly popular on Xbox Live: IMHO, it's actually more fun than both COD4 and COD5.

-- +1 in gaming cred (getting there)

In short, I think the blog functionality is a stroke of genius from Gamasutra. It allows us to read Mark DeLoura's Game Engine Survey and Wanda Meloni's current piece on the upcoming "Gaming Renaissance"piece. Everyday, it gives us insight from the best and the brightest -- for free.

I believe I can contribute as well.

Talk to you soon,


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