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Introducing Team Rofltcopter and their student game: AudioGrav

Team Rofltcopter is a group of students at Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand who have produced a game, AudioGrav, over a four-week production period. This is an outline of their project.

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Last but not least, let me introduce Team Roflcopter.

Led by Project Manager and Programmer Goran Kolonic, the programming team included Keegan Gibson (Lead) and Paul Chambers (also Lead Designer). On the art side, a small team of two with Russell Blackwell as Lead Artist and Kelsey Schroder.

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The guys (and one girl) set themselves a real big challenge: a music-driven game.

AudioGrav is a single player first person 3D action game that features dynamic music effects and high speed free-falling action. The player free-falls within unique stylised environments to reach the goal. The objectives of the game include: making safe landings, travelling at high speeds, attaining high scores, and survival. The player's score increases at a higher rate by passing as close as they can to the obstacles within the environments, and collecting bonuses that affect the type of background music. The background music changes dynamically based on the musical bonuses the player collects during their free-fall.

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With the help of "professional DJ and hobbyist Game Programmer" Goran Kolonic's musical talents, Audio Grav was certainly a different style of games compared to anything made at Media Design School. And it was certainly a very ambitious project for a four-week-only production time.

But they made it, and it's a testament to their hard work and their commitment to make it work.

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Keegan Gibson, Lead Programmer on the team, says, "AudioGrav was an exciting project to work on! I have always liked the idea of music controlled action and AudioGrav was one step in that direction. And the team was awesome. It was an experience that will no doubt benefit me in the me in the future."

Hard to get used to how it's played but with a great concept and potential, I am sure that games like these have their place in the games industry nowadays and well done on the team for completing AudioGrav, especially as it saw two of its originally seven team members leave part way through the project.

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