IBM Reveals Global Business Training Tool Upgrade

IBM announced today a new version of its serious game Innov8, a training application that helps to improve organizational productivity in university students and business professionals.
IBM announced today a new version of its serious game Innov8, a training application that helps to improve productivity in students and business professionals. Innov8 simulates a dynamic business environment in which new technologies and strategies realistically affect organizational performance. Through the simulation, university students are able to chart business progress, find potential problems, and explore the outcomes of various scenarios. Innov8 v.2 will include new scenarios that reflect jobs that are expected to be created by the economic stimulus package recently approved by both houses of Congress in the United States. The new simulations will focus on call center management, roadway congestion, and the creation of environmentally friendly supply chains. "Business simulations allow companies to mitigate risks and remain agile in a rapidly changing environment," said Sandy Carter, vice president of SOA, BPM and WebSphere Marketing at IBM. "The new features expected in Innov8 v.2 provide a powerful tool for businesses to simulate challenges and explore solutions before committing resources." Innov8 is currently used in training programs at more than 100 universities worldwide, including Duquesne University, the University of Southern California, and Manchester Business School in the United Kingdom. Innov8 v.2 will be available as a free upgrade for members of IBM's education technology-focused Academic Initiative.

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