Horizon shows off new games from Robin Hunicke, Phil Fish

UPDATED Horizon, the E3 counter-conference held this morning at Los Angeles's Museum of Contemporary Art, showed off new and familiar games from the creators of Journey, FEZ and more.
Horizon, the E3 counter-conference born of a collaboration between Venus Patrol and Los Angeles's Museum of Contemporary Art, kicked off promptly today at 10:00 AM PDT at MOCA's main building on South Grand Avenue. On display were both new and familiar games from the creators of Journey, FEZ and more. Here's what you may have missed amidst all the coverage from E3's show floor:

Robin Hunicke and Keita Takahashi announce new title

Robin Hunicke (Journey) and Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy) previously collaborated on the MMO Glitch, which shuttered late last year. Now the two are pursuing a new, joint venture, between Takahashi and Hunicke's development company Funomena. Details are scarce but the game will draw heavily upon Takahashi's trademark quirkiness and childlike sense of wonder. "Keita and I believe that games are joyful and wonderful," says Hunicke, who hopes the new game will communicate these qualities. We will have our first demonstration of the as-yet unnamed project later today.

Longer looks at titles showcased at E3

The majority of the games on display were titles teased earlier in the week, including some available for hands-on at the show floor. Among these was Media Molecule's PlayStation Vita exclusive Tearaway, Die Gute Fabrik's Sportsfriends, and Honeyslug's Hohokum, all three of which were showcased at Monday's Sony press conference. Capy's Below, the Jim Gunthrie-scored roguelike coming to Xbox One, received an extended look as well. (You can view it here.) Also exhibited was Ben Esposito's upcoming Kuchina, which we highlighted previously. A game which began life as part of the first Molyjam, Kuchina was picked up by Indie Fund to bring the title to market. Sportsfriends' Doug Wilson also gave press a first look at Mutazione, "kind of the opposite of Sportsfriends." A quiet exploration game, Wilson said that Mutazione is inspired by Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and will feature a time system. "It's not an epic tale about saving the world. It's... about getting to know these people," says Wilson.

FEZ II teased

We got a brief glimpse of Polytron's FEZ II. Really, really brief. But it exists! Here is the teaser trailer, if you missed it. Otherwise, you can view the entire recording of the conference on Horizon's website. Following the closing of the E3 show floor tonight, HORIZON will be hosting a mixer which will allow hands-on with some of the games showcased this morning. We'll have more for you then!

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