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Highlights of Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2020

Some of the ways the industry embraced this year's GAAD event

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is event that takes place on the third Thursday of every May, with the goal of raising awareness about digital accessibility. Every successive year the games industry has been embracing it to ever greater levels.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day, May 21st, 2020

2020 was no exception, even despite the usual in-person events not being possible this year. Some of the efforts are not public knowledge, companies holding private internal initiatives, individuals sending emails around their teams, and so on. But many are public knowledge, here's a list of some of the lovely things that I saw taking place over the day - 


Twitch stream with the AG staff to come say hi and learn about the mission

Accessibility Unlocked

AccessJam, a week long accessibility & representation themed game jam

Accessible Streamers

Twitch raid train with prizes, fun and games

Améliane Chiasson

Accessibilibuddies post-GAAD unwind

Be Player One

Survey on the habits and expectations of disabled gamers

Can I Play That?

New YouTube channel launched with an inaugural video by Cherry Thompson

Website accessibility upgrades

Cherry Thompson

A lengthy video analysis of issues facing accessibility in the games industry


Showcase piece on disabled veterans, Warfighter Engaged and the Xbox Adaptive Controller


Video interview with Kirsty McNaught, giving an overview of how she helped to built Crayta with accessibility in mind


PS4 Pro accessibility giveaway


Interview with David Tisserand about Ubisoft is making accessibility part of the company's DNA

Eidos / Square Enix

A week of activities including virtual talks from Cherry Thompson, SightlessKombat and Ian Hamilton

Article on SE's ongoing commitment to accessibility, what has been done so far and a callout for feedback for the future including launching an accessibility feedback form


Post on how they are making their games better in terms of accessibility, and a call out to hear from players about their experiences

Ian Hamilton

Sharing some less well known facts through 20 question of accessibility trivia


A set of posters for use in studios centred around design challenges, backed up by gamer quotes, high level guidance, and data

Preview of some research material on key moments in game accessibility history from 1950 to 2019, due to appear in a few different projects in the future

Institute of Coding

Video piece on how to open the world of gaming to everyone, with Stacey Rebecca, Mick Donegan and Frankie Ward


Video compilation of past speakers' takes on what accessibility means to them

All talks from GAconf EU now freely available online

Game & Give

Mixer fundaraiser for AbleGamers


Showcase video of full text to speech in Age of Empires 2


Callout for accessibility feedback on Candy Crush Saga

Liam Mason

Showcasing a hand movement controlled mobile game, with a call out for feedback from wheelchair users

Logitech G

SpecialEffect showcase video

Game Changers podcast with Andrew Bromilow and Ian Hamilton

Creator spotlight video with Steve Saylor

Marcus Skrov

Colour blindness UI tips thread


Compilation thread of some great moments from over the history of the Inclusive Tech Lab

Special Olympics virtual event announced

Xbox Ambassadors article on the work by SightlessKombat and others to develop a fully blind accessible Halo map


Featuring streamers with disabilities throughout the day


Building a gaming PC without fingers


Why accessibility is important to me video

Paul Amadeus Lane

Video interviews with a stellar lineup of game accessibility folk


Yuichi Haga announced as lead of Sony's accessibility employee group


Talk by Bryce Johnson on the Xbox Adaptive Controller


Full day homepage takoever to showcase disabled streamers


Showcase of blind accessibility initiatives, with Brandon Cole and David Tisserand

Next year is the 10th anniversary of GAAD, set for May 20th!

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