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Help Me Find out about (or just plain find) a game from times gone by...

In where you try and help me find out the name of an old PC title, and possibly solve a mystery that has lasted many years.


Recently I have been trying to rememeber the name of an old old PC game.  I believe it was a MS-DOS game. If I remember right it was in the 256 color era.

The general plot was the Moon disappeared, taking with it 4 people that were on the moonbase there.   Using cloning and salvaged alien technology, the crew members explored/traded and tried to get the moon back to Earth.  Whenever you died you cloned/churned out another copy of that character / ship etc. and went out again.  It had a little bit of RPG character skills element when you cloned a new copy of one of the characters... and it had space ship 2D combat (with configureable ships and tech trees).

I think Moon was in the title, but can't be sure.  Having a really hard time searching for it without a real title, or anything besides my vague memories of fun.


I never finished it due to some nasty flooding that killed both the computer (a 286 IIRC) and all my discs at that time.  It had been an impulse buy at a store, and I never saw another copy of it back then, though the production values were gooed and everything game stores were a lot less organized than they are now.  Later, I forgot what it was called and couldn't look anymore.

 I'm not looking for game files, but a title would help me out a lot in being able to look it up and find out how it ended.

I know I'm crazy, but this has been nagging at the back of my mind for years.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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