Hello World

Being my first post to this forum, herein I will detail the aspects of game design that I'll be discussing on a (semi) regular basis.

My Interests

  I have been playing games for my entire life. Starting with the self discovery games all babies play, transitioning to puzzles, board games, and video games games and gaming have always been an integral part of how I learn and how I build assumptions about the world around me. From a design perspective, I am fascinated by the process of designing games and the devices with which we interact with the game and am a huge fan of "the controller," regardless of what form it takes. From a policy perspective my interests lie with the process of content provision and management including content acquisition, licensing, and ratings on a global scale. Most of my academic work has been in examining the existing international game rating systems and looking for what sort of effects they have on the viability of rated games as well as their place within their respective cultures. I am also interested in examining social groups in gaming versus traditional social groups in real life in order to determine what analogs exist and how what those groups provide to members and society can be exploited to provide a better experience for the end user and the community as a whole. 

 My Intentions

I will be using this space to discuss the above aspects of game design and policy as I see the questions arise. I will also be self-publishing some of my research papers on these topics in this space. Ultimately I would like to facilitate the creation of an intelligent dialog within these pages for the discussion of the topics of game content regulation, game ratings systems, human interface design, and other aspects of the games industry. 

Latest Jobs

Manticore Games

San Mateo, California
Senior Software Engineer - Mobile

Sony PlayStation

San Diego, California
Sr. Online Programmer

The Walt Disney Company

Glendale, California
Associate Marketing Manager - Walt Disney Games

Insomniac Games

Burbank, California
Accessibility Design Researcher
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