Give Me Your Identity Back!

A summary? Dude, this is posted on April 1st. Just hope that the title fits and I made the heartfelt message clear enough behind the poorly formatted humor. ;)

I'm the real deal.  I've dealt with real crap.  We all are.  We all have.

My dark-skinned friend felt the need to discuss how he didn't feel represented in videogames.  Carefully avoiding sacred cows that would be be inexcusable in even holiday satire, I calmly explained that I felt his pain.  After all, I have not worn my brown hair short and spiky in decades.  He just glared at me.  Frickin' elitist prick.

Later, a woman on the internet went on a diatribe about how she's been mistreated.  I know it sucks.  We've all been there.  I explained how people can be rude.  Then she tried saying it's different because of her gender and she fears for her life.  It's a good thing she's pretty 'cause she's kind of a beotch.

More recently, some fellow geeks tried whining to me about how the things they liked were obscure and made them outcasts.  That's sad, but I explained that we're online now and we still have issues.  I had to find something I like within multiple communities of things people like!  Don't come crying to me, losers.

Everyone has gone through a struggle.  They're not just equally valid.  They're interchangeable.  If you move two to one side of an equation, they cancel each other out.

We should stop talking about what we've dealt with.  It doesn't matter.  Just accept that we're all exactly the same and move on.  What's the alternative?  Relating to people as equals despite our differences?  That's an elitist lie from a group of lesser value that I'm not a part of!  I won't tolerate it.

I'm you because I've redefined what it means to be you.  I don't care if you already appreciate me as not you.  I want to be you.  If you don't want to be me then it's because you suck.  I'm the you I want to be.  Deal with it.

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