Get a job: Fred Rogers Productions is looking for a Digital Producer

Fred Rogers Productions is looking for a Digital Producer to lead digital content development for a new animated series about a young Latina girl growing up in the Bronx.

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Digital Producer - Fred Rogers Productions

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fred Rogers Productions is looking for a Digital Producer to lead digital content development for a new animated series about a young Latina girl growing up in the Bronx. This producer will also work on Odd Squad, the award-winning PBS series. Under the direction of the Chief Creative Officer, the Digital Producer will produce interactive content for children across multiple digital platforms, including web sites, online games and apps for both shows. The Digital Producer will also manage strategic planning of interactive projects and participate in the development of new content ideas. 

Candidates for this position must have a strong background in digital production and a passion for creating world class interactive content for kids.  Strong editorial and production skills are required. Must have experience creating content or working with external content creators and possess excellent organizational, written and verbal communication skills. As the show's website will be available in Spanish as well as English, a working knowledge of Spanish is a plus.

The position is based in Pittsburgh and may require periodic travel. 

Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Participate in – or lead – playtesting of games, apps, etc.
  • Create and maintain calendar of content launches and other key dates
  • Generate and analyze Google Analytics reports and other metrics
  • Inform FRP colleagues of content launches
  • Contribute to or write digital plans for FRP projects in development
  • Represent FRP at industry events and conferences, as a participant, panelist or speaker
  • Seek out new platforms and opportunities
  • As needed, brainstorm with Marketing team around social media promotions
  • Identify external content creators – programmers, designers, etc. – to participate in interactive content development
  • Advise on trends in digital culture, especially relating to children and families
  • As needed, work with CCO to respond to RFPs for digital content
  • As needed, work with CCO to develop original digital-first content

Relocation assistance will be available. No telephone calls, please. 

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