GDC 2004: Question Man: What Game Studio Do You Respect the Most and Why?

Quang Hong trolls the Game Developers Conference floor to find out which game studios GDC Attendees respect the most.

Anthony Rivero
Character Art Lead
Blizzard North

Besides our own, right now I really like Bioware. I think because some of their management philosophies that I agree with -- how they work, and their games. I just finished playing Knights of the Old Republic for Xbox and I really enjoyed that game. It was really well done. Besides us, I'd have to say Bioware. I'd say Naughty Dog as well -- that's quality work there.

Duncan Pond
Chief Creative Officer
Fluent Entertainment

EA, because they've done the best.

Gareth Ochse
Chief Executive

Gameloft, they're a games publisher. They're the guys I'm playing with.

Greg Foertsch
Firaxis Games

Wow, this is going to get me fired… probably Blizzard… they always do a quality product... bottom line. Good gameplay, very stable.

Julian Love
Blizzard North

I guess the one that I work for and Id and there are a few others… Naughty Dog.. [They all make] quality games.

Larry Hendrix
Lead Designer / Co-founder
Revelation Interactive

Right now my favorite studio is Tecmo. I like what they did with Ninja Gaiden, they provided retro action with that game. It's difficult but then it challenges the player to get better and once you get better that's when the reward comes in. It's the type of game you'd enjoy back in '90s on the Sega Genesis or Super NES.

Michael Imamura
Georgia Tech

I'd probably have to say Epic just for their level of attention to detail and the fact that everything that they put out is so polished.

Mike Breitkreutz
Firaxis Games

Probably Id, because they're always pushing the technology and they always have good games. Doom, Quake, Doom3, you name it.

Tim Mensch

I work for a developer so it's kind of a sticky question. Overall, I think it has to be Blizzard just because of their unending stream of games I really like. The developer that I'm working for is doing a lot of cool stuff but it's not done yet.

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