Game Idea a Day: Red Orc/Black Orc

I'll post a game idea a day, although not every day, because I have a life. When the Dark Lord falls, two factions quickly arise; revolutionary Marxist Red Orcs, and the Black Orcs who seek to revive the Dark Lord and rededicate all Orcdom to him.


The Dark Lord has fallen.

A power vacuum exists in the orcish lands, and for the first time in centuries, the creatures of that dark land ask themselves: Now what? What will we do without our fell leader?

Two factions quickly arise: The Red Orcs, organized under Chairman Grishnakh, dedicated to the establish of a revolutionary Communist society under the principles of Marxist-Grishnakhism; and the Black Orcs, who seek to revive the Dark Lord from his possibly short-term demise and rededicate all Orcdom to the eternal struggle against the evil elves and dwarves.

But they are not alone. Expeditionary armies into the Orclands from the capitalist elves and dwarves and so-called free humans intrude on orcish territory; and what of the Scarab Legion, humans from the domains that gave allegiance to the Dark Lord, a powerful military force that now just wants to go home?

At the center of the board lies New Orc City, and whichever faction controls it will win the game. But you care less about faction.... than whether you will dominate whichever side does win.

A multiplayer card-driven game in which you can win either as Red or Black, without declaring your allegiance until the end, struggling to win territory for whichever side you prefer, while discrediting other players on your "side" so that you become the dominant player on Red or Black.

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