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Gamasutra blogs - upgraded!

We've implemented some changes to make our blog system better for users. Here, I'll explain how and why.

Yesterday, Gamasutra launched some upgrades to its blog platform. These should make it easier for you to post, and give you a more reliable, smoother experience, one with more options. I'd like to briefly outline the changes we've made below.

New Editor. We've upgraded our blog entry form to CKEditor, which should increase both stability and browser compatibility while also performing better. This also means that we will be able to upgrade the editor regularly, making sure to stay in step with browser technology. This new editor also supports embedding of YouTube and other video formats -- a long-requested addition.

New UX. We've significantly tweaked the blog user experience to make it easier to find and manage your posts. While these changes might seem subtle, they're just as important. Click this link and you'll find your public profile and a list of your published posts. You'll also links on the top right of the page that will take you to where you can:


  • Edit your profile
  • See a list of all your blog posts, published and unpublished
  • Post a new blog

We've also made other smaller tweaks and changes to improve the experience.

Our hope is that you will find it easier to blog on Gamasutra following these changes. I'd personally love to hear your feedback about blogging on Gamasutra in the comments to this post or via email.

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