Future Predictions of the Gaming Console

A outlook on the gaming console and a the next evolution that should be taken.

On this Saturday Morning i was in bed trying to go back to sleep and my mind was got on if Apple truely developed a gaming console what should it be like. An I started thinking about app development freedom just like the Iphone.Allowing the community to drive the console as much as the publishers and corporate agenda. Because creative innovation will not come from Sony and Microsoft in the next round of consoles in my predictions. I believe their focus will be on a social networking system similar to those of today and improvements to hardware and graphics.If Apple decides to move into the next race they will focus on the community developers just as studio developers seeing that they would have a hard time convincing studios more than the public to invest in the product.The public would would be more open to their system bringing a slightly number of non-gamers to the market being Apple devoted consumers.But Apple would still follow the same formula that Sony and Microsoft use of appealing to serious gamers and casual gamers alike.But it wont be long that  I hope a truely innovative console for serious gamers appears and wont be looked at by big household names but maybe by sought out by independents. One that makes the community push move of the console equally as the big studios/publishers But time will tell ^_^


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