Fishing games

Gonna start designing more fishing games

Oh, I've been a fan of fishing games since they came out. But very few rank in the top.

   Pro Fishing challenge is my favorite console fishing game of all time, but it still needs to be improved on. So a group of fans got together and started collecting concepts idea's. And we had several projects that showed promise... Either noone in the right position ever read them or wanted to take them on, or maybe the interest just wasn't there.

        Whatever the case, I'm still pretty psyched about the future of fishing games and have decided to start designing fishing games again... Exclusively at this Gamasutra blog.

Do not expect it to be in a design document form, I don't "roll" like that... The concepts just come as they come, and come out the way they come out.

 You can fully expect to see the progression, and mistakes all the way to the end. If you don't like the path it's taking, there will be several different types of fishing games concepts before I am finished. And if that's not enough, I implore you to do the same.


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