Exercising is good for business.
This may be a little off topic but in a way it isn't. No one ever talks about how exercise can benefit you and the video game your making. Everyone knows that exercise is good for your body but it's good for business too. Exercise is beneficial in many ways. It's good for your health, of course. If your not healthy you don't feel like making video games. A few reasons why exercise is good for making video games are:
  1. It's good for your creativity. I find that I'm more creative when I exercise on a regular basis.

  2. It's good for your mind as far as being able to think through problems more clearly.

  3. You tend to not make excuses as to why work isn't getting done.

  4. Your mood tends to be better. You don't tend to bite peoples' heads off as easily.

  5. You tend to feel better in general.

About a year ago I joined a diet and healthy living community called Spark People because I was overweight and just generally wasn't feeling all that well. Spark People has over 3 million members whom provide support and motivation to each other. You can track what you eat every day and how much exercise you are putting in. The best thing is that the website is completely FREE! Then, at the end of every week or month you can see your progress. There are many teams / groups you can join to help you in your endeavor. A few days ago I joined a group called the Couch to 5K running. This group is for anyone that has never run before. There are many places on the web where you can get free plans, other info and tips for the Couch to 5K running. Since I already belonged to Spark People I decided to join this group. I was very unsure as to whether I could do it or not but I received lots of encouragement and advice. Wednesday, Randy and I both did our first day of training of the first week. While it was difficult, we made it through and we're very glad we did it. Friday, we will be doing our 2nd day of training.

Anyway, exercise is good for many reasons and I encourage everyone to get out and exercise.

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