E3 Returns

Tom give a few thoughts on the return of the E3 Expo.

I just got back from LA and E3. I have to say that as much as I have been offended by the excesses of E3, it is great to have it back on the annual schedule of events.

After spending a great deal of time and effort working to get a extra dollars, seeing the amount of money wasted on the marketing magilla that is E3 has always grated against my sensibilities.

But that said, it is an awesome spectacle, that is always both inspirational and mind numbing. The socializing there also is a bit mind numbing as well!

This year’s return was certainly smaller in size and scope that in past years. But it was still enough to take a day or two to absorb. The usual high def CGI videos of projects that have yet to made. Tons of mediocrity and “crap in a box” that always makes me wonder why anyone would fund or try to sell. And a few gems.

As expected, Infinity Wards upcoming Call of Duty release looked awesome. Seems like they will be going for Game of the year again. My buddies from THQ’s Kaos studio look to be on their way to making an awesome game, in Homefront. Just a short demo was available and I do not think it will be released until late 2010….but I like where they are going with it.

I also met some nice folks along the way…all and all a good trip and a lot of fun.

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