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E3 2010: What Was Missing

With E3 finally over and done with let's take a look at what was either absent or never expected to be at this years E3.
Because Re-Imagined, Motion Controlled 3D Games Are The New FPS

Pre-E3 I had issues with how the show 'could' go. During E3 I tried my best to put up as much video I could find with my patented commentary -- which I'm sure you all loved. Now I'm stuck at a crossroads. I sit here elated and disgusted. Disgusted with myself for allowing my favorite hobby turn me into a kind of gaming cynic. There was nothing in the Sony and Microsoft press conferences for me. I'd even venture, had it not been for the 3DS, there would have been nothing for me in the Nintendo press conference even with the announcements of old titles being made anew.

What was most surprising, besides Tak Fujii's weird interaction with a very confused American audience, was what wasn't at E3. These aren't odd long-shot announcements like Killer Instinct 3D, but no further price drops from Sony's handheld division. There were games that I'm hoping were on the convention floor, but to not hear more about The Last Guardian, Milo or even Beyond Good & Evil 2 was, disappointing.

Final Fantasy XIII Versus

Though I may not be the biggest Final Fantasy fan and far from a XIII fan, not seeing a blip or peep out of Square-Enix's next prized pony is fairly surprising. Maybe its because of the recent advancement in console tech and the designers and programmers are had at work at implementing motion controls and 3D. Let me knock on wood for a second. Maybe something more dastardly is afoot. Japanese role playing games don't sell well in the States, except the ones with Final Fantasy in the title. Maybe some form of 'one for you, one for us' motto has been adopted and Versus is being kept close to the vest. 

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

Personally, I'm not that mad not much is being revealed about a game I can't wait to play, but again -- nothing? I'd settle for a bat signal and a joker laugh.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Seeing that Ubisoft's team is hard at work on art and concept intensive projects like Project Dust, I can't really be that upset. Introducing a new IP over a game [though, I may love] with a two at the end of its title will always be preferred. Given that this E3 was a bit of a sequel and IP re-imagining festival I'm surprised that not even 10 seconds could be given to keep an adrenaline drip for the game for the fans. Its a very niche title that probably has a future of low sales, but come one, this isn't Sega here, its Ubisoft

Wii Vitality Sensor

The penis pump heard round the world. I mean, apparently so, considering we have heard zilch from Nintendo in regards to the peripheral dedicated to having the user 'unwind' and in some cases...fall asleep. I know a masturbatory device when I see one and its not because I worked in a sex shop for three years. Be that as it may, in order to change the perception of what the Vitality Sensor due to last years E3 -- I was kinda looking forward to what curve ball Nintendo could have thrown. What did we get? We got GoldenEye 007, I guess its a wash. 

I guess it could be worse. The Vitality Sensor of last year could be the PSP Go of this year.
The Future

Motion controls and 3D gaming isn't a fad. In some way, shape or form, there will be a company [possibly several] making games for people, families and companies with awful 'team building' exercises. The point is, Nintendo did something insane and new four years ago and Microsoft and Sony are playing a mean game of catch up now that Nintendo's sales are slipping. And by slipping I mean they are only making an butt-load of money instead of a f*$k-ton. Excuse my crassness, but in every generation we have had at least one company come late to the party and 'try' and grab a crowd that is already tired of being groped. The 32x, the Super Scope 6, and anything closely related to the phone-like joystick of the Atari Jaguar are all remembered, but seldom fondly.

This is off the top of my head, I'd love to hear what you guys 'thought' would have been at this year's E3.

***Compliments of The Brog***

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