Different look towards Game Design Fundamentals

Design Analysis packet, Character Development, etc.

Hello, updating my blog to inform everyone of whats going on in game school.

Just got feedback on the design analysis packet i had to do for my class. I ended up doing it on Gears of War rather than Assasins Creed 2 becuase i am much more familiar with GOW, ive played for a long time, a lot of times. There was only a few grammatical errors on the paper so it should be good now.

I analyzed the relation between level dessign and the cover system, interesting. A funny thing about my class is that no one seems to like Gears of War that much. Dont know why, that game was the first one that made me actually consider gaming as a pausible carreer, I personally owe alot to that game.

Character Development exercise went good, already did it. its a very good skill building exercise, it makes you think like your character and forces you to make choices for reactions and other stuff, as if you were that character. I thought it was fun.

Other than that, we're going to develop a level for our game. As well as some other cool stuff in the next few classes, including a game pitch for the game that we are developing.

thank you for reading and come back.

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