Develteam, a growing community for indie game developers

Develteam is a community for game developers with systems built in to facilitate collaboration. We make it easy to find, judge, and work with other developers.

Develteam is a community for game developers with systems built in to facilitate collaboration. We make it easy to find, judge, and work with other developers.

We have three main areas of focus for the site: ConnectCommunicate, and Collaborate.

  • Connect

We have systems in place to browse developers by their skillset, filtering your options to view only artists, programmers, musicians, sound engineers, writers, or designers.

Part of what helps us connect developers is the ability to upload your portfolio pieces to show your work. You can upload images, videos, youtube clips, audio samples, and other multimedia formats. This helps connect developers, because frankly, who wants to bring someone into their project without knowing what they're capable of? Right now, it isn't uncommon to browse Classifieds forums like those found on tigsource,, and /r/gamedevclassifieds. While these are valid avenues, anyone who has tried to go this route knows that it isn't easy to research all the candidates or find quality people. At Develteam, it's very easy.

  • Communicate

The site itself has some great features. We have a site-wide Forums, a General Chatroom that anyone can access, Private 1-on-1 Chat, social network style Feeds and Walls, a growing list of Game Dev Tools and websites with Assets, a Private Mail systemNotifications, and more.

Whether you're showing off your personal work, or want to promote a Game you're working on or finished, Develteam makes it easy to give and receive feedback.

  • Collaborate

Once your team has been assembled, you can create Game Projects right there on the site. Your game project will be listed in the browse pages. You can set a flag in the options to declare that you're actively looking for new members to join and what roles you wish to fill. This allows Developers to browse only game projects that are looking for members of a specific discipline. If an artist wants to join a Game Project, he/she can browse an easy to find list of projects that are looking for artists. It couldn't be easier!

Game projects have a variety of tools at their disposal, including a Private File Depot, a Public Media Library for showing game assets and so on, Public and Private Forums, a Member Task System to keep track of what has been and what needs to be done, and a Private Web-Based Chatroom.

Each Chatroom has features that make collaboration easy: A White Board, Video/Audio conferencing (Webcam and Mic), Real-Time Document Sharing/Editing, and Screen Sharing... All from the browser.

We'd like to see you drop by and we look forward to seeing your portfolio.

Thanks, Develteam

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Playa Vista, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Senior Gameplay Systems Engineer - Treyarch

High Moon Studios

Carlsbad, CA, USA
VFX Artist
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