Defense GameTech Users' Conference Announces Keynote Speakers

SimCity series creator Will Wright will deliver a keynote speech at the Defense GameTech Users' Conference, an upcoming event focusing on the use of training games within the Department of Defense.
The Defense GameTech Users' Conference has confirmed a lineup of keynote speakers for its 2010 event, to be held on March 29-31 at the Orlando Hilton in Orlando, Florida. Defense GameTech 2010 is an event focused on the use of serious game and virtual world technologies for training within the Department of Defense. The conference will also serve as a forum for Department of Defense game technology users to exchange ideas, and will allow attendees to participate in a series of interactive tutorials for training applications. SimCity series creator Will Wright will deliver a keynote speech at noon on the second day of the conference. Other featured speakers include General John Mattis (Commander of Joint Forces Command), Major General Melvin Spiese (Commander of USMC Training and Education Command), and Larry Johnson, (CEO of the New Media Consortium). Defense GameTech 2010 will additionally host the Innovations in DoD Gaming Competition, a Joint Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Laboratory-sponsored event spotlighting game technology that provides realistic and effective military training. Interested parties may register for Defense GameTech 2010 here.

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