Dark Souls 2 needs Microtransactions

...and here is why

Prepare to Pay

Dear FromSoft,

you missed a great opportunity.


Instead of charging 50$ for Dark Souls 2 you should have made it Free to Play. You would be swimming in mountains of moneymadness right now.

After sinking a boss soul (which took me nearly 3 hours to acquire) into 80 dumb Prism stones, which I then had to throw into an even more stupid bird`s nest (one by one – which took almost 20 Minutes to complete) in hope for getting one little Effigy, I am currently at the point where I would pay up to 9.99$ just to get over with it.

I could name dozens of times where I would have paid 0.99$ for an Estusflask during a Bossfight or 0.49$ for a Lifegem.The whole Souls series is practically ripe for getting Microtransactions in it. And here is how you do it:

Your next DLC should be named „Prepare to Pay“.

 I already imagine  the Trailer where you see players inb4 deadly strikes from 5 angry Gargoyles and they throw a carving that says „you have been owned“ and the 5 Gargoyles commit sepukku. (These carvings should be 4.99$)

About bonfires: Charge for the travel between them. Either the Player pays 0.99$ or he won`t be able to warp. And why not make the lifetime of bonfires restricted? It is totally unrealistic that a bonfire would like burn forever, once kindled. You had the right idea with restricting the torch-lifetime, but you must think bigger: When a bonfire is not rekindled once a day, it expires, and –you already guessed it- kindling needs wood, which either can be bought from vendors (.99$), or you can buy a magic bag (4.99$) which enables you to carry the wooden stuff you are breaking in the game as firewood, which of course has a negative impact on your load, which you can counter if you purchase a „wood ring“ (3.99$) and so on and so forth.

You see the possibilites are endless. The most hilarious part is obviously that you can charge for a DLC who enables this Microtransaction system:

You see the irony: the cattle has to earn its way to the slaughterhouse.

This way everyone gets to be happy: the hardcore players who love to get punished by topless snakeladys with tendecies to scream you to death while decapitating themselves, simply don`t purchase the DLC, and the unskilled, casual players have the chance to buy themselves through your game.

Make it happen, im willing to throw 20$ at you for the chance to be milked to my hollowed bones.

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