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Could we have "Fair Trade" games?

There is a lot made of the fact that developers are not receiving any money from 2nd hand game purchases. Perhaps we could have a system whereby the buyer knows some money is going directly back to the developer?

Had this idea on the way to work, popped in the local game store and noted the usual mix of new & 2nd hand games.  This is only a small one-off store and I'm pretty sure if he didn't do 2nd hand games he'd probably be out of business.

I can certainly understand that this is probably the best route for the young teen gamer market where £40 (IMO) is a silly amount of money to have to pay.  I prefer to pay for new games as I know the money is going back to the developer however when you see bargains for a tenner you do get tempted...which got me thinking...

Couldn't we have some sort of "Fair Trade" games system?  

I understand the logistics would probably be too much but I like the idea of having a system whereby the 2nd hand game gains a marginal fee (e.g. £1 extra) but gains a "Fair Trade" game sticker and then that extra £1 is passed on back directly to the development company of the game.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that development companies are in any way in need of the money as much as third world (and even local) farmers however I like the idea that I can buy a 2nd hand game and know that there is still some proceeds going back to the creative force behind it.  I like to think that if there was a 2nd hand game and a "Fair Trade" 2nd hand game for a slightly higher price I'd buy the Fair Trade one.

If there was consumer buy in I think it'd work quite well, although I'm not sure the big publishers would still agree...

What do you think?  Is it something that could work?  Would you buy a "Fair Trade" game?



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